Besv ebike shop settles in Dazhi

Darfon (8163-TW)’s electric bicycle brand BESV, is settled in the LIFESTYLE lifestyle museum in Dazhi held an opening ceremony today (23). Darfon chairman Su Kaijian said that the store is positioned as the first flagship store. In the next two years, a lifestyle pavilion will also be set up in the central and southern regions to expand the layout of its own brands.

Su Kaijian said that in addition to Taiwan, BESV’s sales performance in markets such as Europe, America and Japan is also very impressive. At present, the BESV brand is managed by Darfon’s Darui Innovation. Su Kaijian revealed that it will not rule out the future. Rui Chuangxin pushes for IPO; in addition, group member vehicle assembly factory Shitong and frame factory Taiyu also have IPO plans.

Su Kaijian further pointed out that the purpose of creating the BESV life style pavilion is to create a more complete brand experience and establish a brand life style. In the future, BESV will not only become the leading brand of electric bicycles, but will also continue to develop more products that meet the brand value. And service.

The BESV LIFESTYLE lifestyle pavilion is located at Taipei Shihichi University. Darfon stated that the combination of BESV smart kinetic bicycles, A2H coffee shops and BESV EXPERIENCE experience activities will further extend the brand from cycling to light travel, food, activities and other fields. All-round life style is striding forward.

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