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The Takeaway: Canyon levels-up the 150mm Spectral: ON e-MTB with Shimano’s EP8 electric motor as well as a bigger battery.

  • Shimano’s STEPS EP8 electric motor is a lot more effective, lighter, smaller sized, as well as smarter than the E8000 electric motor it changes
  • 22-percent bigger 630Wh battery
  • 4 versions valued $5,499 to $8,500.
  • All versions make use of the exact same framework, electric motor, as well as battery.

    Rate: $8,500 (Spooky: ON CF 9)
    Weight: 49.1 pound. (tool, CF 9)

    The 2021 Canyon Spectral: ON does not look a whole lot various than in 2014’s Spectral: on that particular was brand new when it introduced. That’s due to the fact that the 2021 variation is similar as that new-for-2020 design: exact same framework, exact same geometry, as well as really comparable construct sets.

    Still the 2021 Spectral: ON is brand-new as well as quite boosted for 2 excellent factors: a brand-new electric motor as well as a brand-new battery.

    canyon spectralon cf 9

    The Shimano EP8 electric motor is lighter, smaller sized, a lot more effective as well as a lot more reliable than the E8000 electric motor it changes.

    Matt Phillips

    Because of my testimonial bike’s January arrival as well as a collection of snow storms with the Four-Corners location, I do not have sufficient time on the Spectral: ON CF 9 to use an evaluation on launch day. I’ll upgrade this article with flight perceptions once the routes clear sufficient to provide me the moment I require to assess this bike appropriately.

    2021 Spectral: ON Electric Motor as well as Battery Updates

    For 2021, the Spectral: ON array sees the 2020’s Shimano STEPs E8000 electric motor changed with Shimano’s brand-new EP8 device. This is a significant upgrade: contrasted to the E8000, the EP8 electric motor has 21-percent a lot more torque (85Nm max vs 70Nm max), it’s 380 grams lighter, 10-percent smaller sized, quieter, loses warmth much better, as well as has 36 -percent much less drag.

    It is additionally smarter with boosted aid formulas as well as accounts the cyclist can listen Shimano’s E-TUBE mobile phone application (Android, iOS).

    shimano ep9 e tube app

    Bikers can tune the EP8’s aid accounts in Shimano’s E-TUBE application.


    The battery’s capability expands 22-percent to 630Wh (it was 504Wh formerly). Canyon does not provide particular array quotes for their e-bikes mentioning, “It’s difficult to provide a conclusive response to this concern given that the array (on any kind of e-bike) relies on a number of variables consisting of the temperature level outside, your weight, your tempo, exactly how you make use of the power settings, just how much you are climbing up, and so on” Can not fault them for stating this as it is definitely real. The closest they provide to a price quote is, “approximately 100 kilometers.”

    Embed in route setting with an almost-full battery, my testimonial bike revealed 49 miles of array. That would certainly be a heck of a mtb flight, yet a few of the Spectral: On’s competitors provide you still a lot more array. The brand-new Pivot Shuttle ($ 10,999) has a 726Wh battery, while the leading Levo versions from Specialized have 700Wh batteries.

    canyon spectralon cf 9

    A USB-C billing port allows you maintain your phone, GPS, light or various other devices covered up.

    Matt Phillips

    That stated, Canyon’s Spectral: ON 9 is $2,500 less costly than the Pivot as well as more affordable than the top-end Levo versions, so you can get a 2nd battery (figure about $900 bucks) as well as still have actually money left in your pocket. Nevertheless, the possibility of hauling an extra 3700-gram battery (weight from my range) around in a pack for hrs at a time does not seem … remarkable.

    Structure Facts as well as Geometry

    The Spooky: On has a carbon front triangular with a light weight aluminum back. Traveling is matched 150mm at both ends, with the exact same Horst-Link four-bar layout made use of on various other Canyon suspension bikes located below.

    The Spooky: ON is a mixed-wheelsize bike: a 29er wheel in advance with a 27.5-inch back. Canyon’s press information claims, “The blended wheelsize arrangement enables you to have a much shorter back facility for lively handling, while the 29er front wheel provides you steady handling as well as the capacity to surrender anything that enters its method.”

    canyon spectralon cf 9

    The CF8 as well as CF9 obtain a one-piece carbon handlebar/stem.

    Matt Phillips

    I asked Canyon’s reps precisely just how much shorter the Spectral: ON’s back side can be with a 27.5 wheel than it would certainly be with a 29 inch wheel. Vernon Felton, Canyon’s worldwide all-terrain bicycle supervisor reacted, “It’s difficult to claim definitively without having a complete 29er variation to contrast along with it, yet the Spectral 29 acoustic bike has 437mm chainstays (2 mm much longer) WITHOUT needing to press an electric motor right into the bundle. When you include the electric motor, you are including size. So it’s difficult to claim just how much shorter the bike is many thanks to the 27.5 back wheel, yet it’s absolutely considerably much shorter.”

    Based upon the remain sizes of e-MTB route bikes with 29-inch back wheels, the Spectral: ON has a clean back side. At 435mm, the Spectral: ON’s chainstays are visibly much shorter than those located on a Trip Rail (448mm), the Specialized Levo (455mm), or the Pivot Shuttle Bus (441mm). To be clear, much shorter chainstays aren’t constantly much better: Much shorter chainstays have their pros (quicker handling, stiffer) as well as their disadvantages (much less security, much less climbing up grip). Longer keeps have benefits and drawbacks, also. Like anything, consider your requirements prior to choosing what’s finest for you.

    canyon spectralon cf geometry

    What? A geometry table?


    The remainder of the geometry is a little shocking for a 150mm e-MTB releasing in 2021. The Spectral: ON has a relatively high head tube angle (66.5 levels), a relatively relaxed seat tube angle (74,5 levels), as well as is not as lengthy as you would certainly anticipate a contemporary 150mm e-bike to be. If you were anticipating an energized variation of the Spectral 29, you will certainly be dissatisfied, yet if you like the feeling of a quicker handling bike, the Spectral: ON’s geo appears to mean that.

    The 2021 Spectral: ON Line

    In the United States, the brand-new line includes 4 versions:

      The remainder of the globe obtains 6 versions, including a CF 6 as well as CF 6 WMN to the schedule. Right here’s where points obtain perplexing. The versions called CF 7 as well as CF 7 WMN in the United States are the worldwide line’s CF 6 as well as CF 6 WMN. The remainder of the globe’s CF 7 (4,599 EUR) as well as CF 7 WMN (4,599 EUR) do not land in the United States. Fortunately, this is all identified for you when you most likely to your nation’s Canyon site. I take place to believe the United States’s line makes a little bit a lot more feeling as the remainder of the globe’s 6 as well as 7 versions are a lot more comparable than they are various.

      All versions make use of the exact same 150mm framework with carbon front triangular as well as light weight aluminum back triangular, the Shimano EP8 electric motor, as well as the 630Wh battery.

      canyon spectralon cf 9

      The CF 9 is the only design with carbon edges

      Matt Phillips

      All United States versions obtain Shimano 12-speed drivetrains, Shimano disc brakes with 203mm blades front as well as back, Maxxis Minon DHF 2.5 front tire with EXO casing as well as Maxxis Minon DHR 2.6 back tire with larger task EXO+ case.

      Similar Bikes

      I’m not mosting likely to act that the $8,500 CF 9 I entered for testimonial is an economical bike. However pile it up versus a few of its competitors as well as it appears like a heck of a worth. It is actually countless bucks less costly than bikes with equivalent (or comparable-ish) develops like the Specialized S-Works Turbo Levo ($ 14,000), Pivot’s Shuttle, ($ 10,999), Trek’s Rail 9.9 XTR ($ 11,500), as well as the Santa Cruz Heckler CC X01 RSV MX ($ 10,999).

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