2021 Hyperdrive Manufacturing Update # 3

2021 Hyperdrive includes our brand-new equipment decrease system that is smoother, quieter as well as has a Swiss accuracy that all equipment addicts (no word play here meant) will certainly like!. Right here you see the electric motor systems with the 5 tooth pinion equipments affixed.

The electric motor/ equipment elements have actually limited manufacturing specs as well as fitments. Listed below the custom-made follower is included together with a closed bearing as well as springtime washing machine.

The Hyperdrive is outputting a market leading 176 watts/kg power to weight proportion. This result is much in advance of the home appliance affected huge brand names that have actually opted for a a lot reduced 33 watts/kg power to weight. Over you can see the custom-made follower that draws air via the electric motor assisting to maintain the electric motor as great as it can be when approximately 60 amps is pressed right into it.

Over programs all the circuitry being hardwired. This action takes a very long time as well as makes manufacturing a lot more complex however addresses a really actual trouble that occurs over and over again with cable harnesses. These harnesses break down over usage as well as produce signal issues that are extremely tough to detect as well as create unknown problems.

60ml of the greatest quality equipment oil is included in the transmission once it is all secured up. Currently the remainder of the package is being assembled, consisting of the User interface, Krankedset as well as Battery system.

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