2022 Giant Reign eBike 6 Month Review! Is It Still The eBike To Have?

Um not new to me had a little bit of time but uh yeah, 2022 giant rainy, one of the latest e bikes and giant absolutely super purpose. Kit. Ive had it now about six months, hammering it loads, but ive ridden it more recently, as the trusty old mega has gone, and i have got a new bike coming into the channel very very soon so more to come on that one but um out on the Local today then um say on the rain 2022 little glimpse for you. Neither this is the e plus one model and its been absolutely brilliant done about 700 miles on it, and it really has been superb um. Its had no issues, batterys been phenomenally powerful loads of range um and so far so good, a fantastic injury but um. So this is a bit of a six month, review 600 miles in um, so ill. Give you the honest choice: honest answers, change a few bits which ill go through in a bit grips dropper, that sort of stuff, but everything else suspension wheels, tires uh. Everything else is stock, so lets get going, see fair and uh ill catch on the trail. So, six months in then, what have i enjoyed? What have i not im as ill start with climbing? This? Is a nice climb coming up in a second get down? This downhill first watch out for horses, looks pretty clear today a little hop over this one so wrong.

Every e bike climbs well and personally on the bike you may as well have more travel. I have ridden a trance and enjoyed it, but on knee bike, youve got the power for reason. Why not have that travel? Look at that? That was easy. Can categorically say that climb is a bugger on analog bike in boost boaters, ridiculously powerful. On this thing, oh climb, wise its superb, i dont think any bike can really climb badly. People will say: oh theres kind of anothers like on the whole, an e bikes on ebay for climbing the way they descend. Obviously, what you buy them for in reality, and this one climbs perfectly so its in high mode so seat angle, is about 78 degrees, which is steep head angle, was about 64 and a half nice slack much more than slack enough for what people are going to Ride this bike for in reality, if you want to have an alps bike in midland, you bite the alps and you flip it leave it and lower and enjoy it, but the bottom brackets are nice height and high. I dont find on bottom out very much large bikes are a 165 crank arm, small, medium or a 160s, and then a large axle are all uh 165s, so theres options from hope and people. If you wanted to go along on the crank arm, that is possible, but i found these 165s with a high mode has been perfect uh.

It feels heavy theyre wrong, but dont all e bikes you can put into a corner and the grip is staggering, and so ive been getting used a bit more recently here, and it has been very, very good. I think the more you get used to them, the better they get. If that makes sense, i think you get used to weight you get used to how they handle and get used to slowing them down, because boy thats an issue, and that is one thing i have found, and these xt brakes, whether its the scent of pads in Them or what they are pretty rubbish onto a downhill, then so, smart mode. It adjusts your power depending on what youre putting in elevation uphill downhill, dont like it uphill love it going down. It still feels plenty nimble, even though its 24 a bit kilos, and it still jumps really confidently trails on the minute i like slightly damp in places never sprint through the trees. Now, above that, limiter whats, it like well actually really good ive done a bit of commuting to work on this, and that involves a mix of road and off road and above the limiter yeah. I dont want to have your bike with heavy tires, but limited cuts out about 15 and a bit an hour and ive been averaging over 16 to work and back with about 1200 feet of climbing. So you can see its not bad at all steep section here on the inside on this sort of stuff, even though its quite tacky they dont have to go well well, just type that with 800 reliability, wise, absolutely superb, not one problem! The valve.

I said one problem: i had a creek headset, pretty common on these. We found they use that new 1.8 inch bottom bearing on this model and obviously the ball bearings are smaller, so a bit more aware on them now, where wise, absolutely fine, but it was just creaking um, not the first one on this model, ive seen probably the Last, the older models had big water ingress issues. Pretty common that was old, connectors were pretty rubbish. These new ones seem to be a hell of a lot better, so i havent treated this particularly well and its been absolutely perfect. I do smash it around and boost quite a lot yeah, so live at your eyes, be very, very good. Clutching superb, still lasts 40 miles for forever 50 miles to do a bit of pedaling, which is ridiculous for this sort of ebike. I do genuinely think you could go for mars one, so this bike is really designed for one thing, one thing only and that is descended so whats it like in short insane very confidence inspiring in every way front end heights good. It feels like you can flick it around with the mullet feels comfortable youre on the pedals and not and overall just feels like a very wet. Oh sorry, a very short footed mountain bike. Admittedly, could it be an e bike, its always been more shot footed because of the weight, but the way you can put it in a corner and still move it around, which many? U bikes, you cant, do that so lets put some mullet or i dont know, but listed in the weight of the thing lets get you there yeah its in the weight of the thing, its very maneuverable, even the 38.

In the front. Oh, this bits got very tight with the bracket, so that is a tight and techy. You never know it. What a machine so whats it like on a super steep super loose uphill in boost mode. Get on that front. Wheel! Rambles lets try it again so proper steep, climb, proper, loose room boost ah nope too much power. That was third time lucky a bit less power. This time i think i was spinning up. I think that high left up here – oh no, just too loose by this one, its dead, then oh siren boost still a pretty decent climb. This glands out of it here that motor, but it gives its power, is on. I dont think any motor gives just a ive run, a lot of levos burritos, the shimano e8000 ep 8, but the new pbx3 yamaha its 85 newton meters, its insane so good, just power. If you want it xt then love the group set um reliable. Apart from the clutches ive seen a few clips on these xtmx not been that good, this ones been fine, even under full power. The way it still shifts gear like boost the way it still changes gear is so good. Xt has always always been dependable and even 12 bits, no different, um the sram stuff and decided about an e bike, because the one click shifters but hey season, thoughts on this one love. This is way too short. Hence this long dropper ive now got a 200 on rather 15160 um, its got a load of standover like tons of stand over.

So, for that reason you can run much bigger droppers, not quite sure why they dont come long ones in, but i say having a large frame size. Four 90s reach a steep seat angle though um and a 200 is easy and its needed, because the bike can handle it, youre always pushing on this sort of machine. So you need somewhere. You can get lower smaller, the back of the bike and just hit more aggressive trails. Everything else been thoughtless out of all the e bikes. Then why should you buy one of these well? Finally, for moneys insane compared to a lot of the brands, wont know many um value from, and this bigger bike is absolutely ridiculous. Motors phenomenal batterys strong battery life is ridiculous, with a new motor battery. A very, very good combination, ive found personally so ive, been getting like 40 to 50 mile out of charge, setting boost the whole way and been very, very impressed by the factory. Does it the smart mode where you can simply just turn the e bike on and just pedal it, and it does everything for you turning motor with an accelerometer and a gyroscope in the motor? So if youre going uphill itll, give you more power, downhill thatll. Take some off yeah, very, very clever, stuff um. If you want an e bike that you could take to wales, to scotland, to your local woods to some more of the less sort of demanding places, this is good.

So this is only around my local around canik, but i take this in scotland. Im sure itll be absolutely insane too, because its so long so slack but, as i said like in that high mode, it doesnt feel chunky when you ride a less aggressive train overall. For like a speed over six grand six thousand two hundred ninety nine quid – these are yes hell, a lot of money. I get that, but in e bike terms its not and thats, where were at nowadays in the bike world um its not a lot of money, you want to do it, then oh nice little jump there so down to the last descent, then keep it rolling. I do like this descent thats, where the bike should shine really after six months, ive been very, very impressed. Oh, my good god barons all good dirty apart from the headset wheels, are still straight, which the way i ride. This thing is credit to the wheels because it is taking some hammer there. We have it then, my six month review of that beast. Just there giant rain 2022 ebike what a machine sure ive smashed some prs today um definitely been going a lot better than ive done recent times so yeah. I hope you enjoyed that hope. You enjoyed the insight. Any questions, links comments. Anything just shout would love it. If you like, the video and also subscribe, if you can um survivors, are small, very small, but were growing hit by a bit, and everyone has to start somewhere dont they.

So this is me starting plenty. More bites come new bike on the horizon, should have it later this week, im, hopefully thinking um so once that arrives of course well get the channel. I might do a little preview of it and then do a first ride. Review ive actually not owned. One of these, before so exciting times, i might change the spec a bit but well see how it goes for now ill leave it to it um.


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