4 Tips To Amp Up Your Trail Riding

Riding trails on your electric bike can be super fun, yet it can get a little bit stale if you’re riding the trails in the same way you usually do. So we’ve pulled together four tips to amp up your trail riding experience, build your navigation skill set, and make the most out of your adventure!

You’re always going to encounter tree roots on any trail ride, and they can be exciting if you ride them the right way. Normally when you come upon roots in the path, you roll over them, and off you go. Not as much fun than if you get air underneath your wheels! So as you approach the root kicker, increase your speed a bit, and focus on the high point of the kicker. This is when you want to squash your suspension down, ping your front tire off the root, go airborne, then land nice and smooth and flow down the trail. If the roots are wet, it could mean a bit of a slide-out, so make sure you remain steady and confident.

The great thing about electric bikes is the amount of power that you have available for your climbs. If you encounter a demanding bit of trail on a hill, you can harness the e-bike’s power to take it on and create a challenge for yourself. First, anticipate what the trail is going to do and how it’s going to affect the e-bike. Then make sure you drop your seat low, select a gear, pick a line and stick to it. Think about things like grip and putting the power down in the right places, and your climb should be a breeze. If you keep this practice up, then the next time you come to a super technical climb, you’ll find that the navigation will be a whole lot easier.

Once you’ve been riding trails for quite awhile, you’re going to get really comfortable out there, and the jumps may feel a little dull. Then it’s time to add some style to your technique. All you need to do is come into a jump with a little more commitment, then while you’re in the air, literally just turn and tweak the handle bars. It will add so much pizzaz. Take baby steps when it comes to adding style to jumps and drops. Make sure you’re comfortable on the bike and the size of the feature you’re going to ride on, and remember not to stiffen up in the air. Just stay relaxed, and your style will come through.

Nature is pretty good about building some pretty amazing trails, so try looking at your natural surroundings through a different set of eyes. Maybe then you’ll discover a bow in the ground that you can carve into, or kickers you didn’t see before that you can use to catch some air. Thinking outside of the box means injecting a lot more fun into your experience. Just get creative out there, and consider slowing it down, too, to have more time to find better lines and enjoy the ride.

For treks on challenging trails, it’s always a good idea to take a friend, or to let someone know where you’re going to be. Additionally, having your cell phone on you is a smart idea in case something were to happen and you need to call for help. Build your skillset and maximize your adventure while making safety your priority.

And remember…

Life’s a ride. Love your ride!




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