467. Area 13 Sabre ebike electric bicycle review first impression upgrades range test esk8 pev miles

People on YouTube could mallow here coming at you with another, exciting video, okay, so Im dying Im on my electric bicycle right. I just picked this thing up from area 13. Im almost out of juice by the way, as you can see right now, Im at what is that, oh, it just died. It was something like I think, nine percent it was around like nine percent or something like that, but I went to I basically, I went from the west side of the San Fernando Valley, all the way to the North Hollywood Metro station. I was supposed to meet up with a bunch of other e bike Riders over in Griffith Park, theres no for a first time ride, theres no way I would have made it all the way over there, so its needless to say, Im stuck here right now on What am I on Im almost on Balboa and what is this Burbank yeah, Balboa and Burbank Boulevard Im? Basically at the golf course you can see the golf course having fun, though I mean I got ta say like pedal assist. One is basically almost nothing pedal assist. Two, I think, is where I feel the most comfortable, but then in pedal, assist three whats going on is, I feel like Im, pedaling and Im, not even like doing anything, because the motors doing all the work, because its a what do you call it its one Of those you pedal and it assists you whatever yeah, you get the idea, but anyways pedal assist for I needed to make it up over that Hill Burbank when it crosses over the 405.

That was brutal. That was definitely brutal, but in pedal assist four pedaling pedaling pedaling in the in the lowest gear possible, which is basically right there gear number one right there I made it up the hill, so high skier low skier. Oh here we got some other people by the way, including Beloit Channel, see these people are just passing me just passing by hey. There you go there, you go, keep going, keep going guys here, we go got some people walking, got some people doing their Sunday thing, but anyways I do like the bicycle. The bicycle is great, so Area 13 couple is them Im sure its not a Area. 13 branded bicycle Im sure it comes from some other manufacturer, whatever that is, but so far its been good its been holding up. Let me show you a quick tour of the bicycle, real, quick, so theres the shock in the front right, so you got that going on theres the whole bike. So what I added was, I added the toe Peak rack bag right or the whatever you want to call that thing, its kind of cool too, because it zips out – and it unfolds so like check this out right here I put my lock in here. Originally I had my lock here somehow I lost the rubber little piece that go between so the whole thing slid down. I was rubbing on my chin what a mess so anyways now my lock is right here right, my little Kryptonite just a little something to you know, so I can run in grab a coffee or something or whatever grab a tea.

I really dont drink coffee, but if I want to grab like a green tea or whatever its just something that I can cable through my rear tire, my frame or the front tire and the frame and then go around a pole or whatever is around there. I did modify the seat. I got the Cloud9 seat. This has been a life changer, especially for my big booty. So if youre lets say a larger individual, youre overweight definitely consider the seat. There will be links Down Below in the description so make sure to check those out. I like this one because its vented – you can see right through it, so you get that cooling effect in your crotch area, so to speak, but this particular bike is called the saber. It comes with rear, fenders front fenders. If you notice what I also did was. I changed out the original stock. I think there were havics, they were Kenda Havoc tires. I swapped them out for these V speedsters. What a difference! Oh, oh, my God, what a difference! The V speedsters smoother less! What do you call it less rolling Mass? Look at that patch pattern right there. I did another video on the Kenda. Have it compared to these. If you go back in my video history, Ill try to Ill try to keep a running total of all these videos in a playlist, so check the description down there below or just go back into.

My video playlist youll see those but oh, and then I also upgraded the brakes so the rotors the rotors are. These are the golfers. These things are huge, thank goodness need them. When youre going down that little upper Bank permit coming over, I mean thats got to be, I dont know what percentage or what grade that Hill is Burbank crossing over the 405, but my God it is. It is a steep one like just for comparison. This is just this little tiny little Hill. At the golf course. The one on Burbank is like way way much steeper than this little tiny little Hill is, and I think the one in birming is also twice as long but anyways there you go so I did manage to keep track of my mileage. So basically, I had around 10 miles to and from a bike shop that that adjusted fixed, my derailleur then I had Then I then I parked the bike. I let it sit for a few days, didnt recharge it. So this is at a 400 charge. I went 10 miles that dropped me down to around 85 percent. Oh see, theyre struggling theyre struggling, they know it, they know there. You go good job good, give yourself a round of applause. Megan come on you, oh you got to do it. You got it Laughter. Thats even better, where do you feel the burn, the most quads hamstring calves? He said his whole leg is on fire.

There you go there, you go youre, pedaling, hes, doing it on a beach cruiser there there he goes there. He goes hes running as well. Oh there we go there, we go give yourself a round of applause, make it up the hill go for it. There. She goes there. She goes all right, so I started at 100 fully charged battery. I rode five miles to the bike shop. Five miles back to adjust my derailleur Park, the bike I used about Id say, like 14 15 of the battery, so I was at 85 percent charge when I left my house several hours ago to go from the west side of the valley. Basically, the you know what it is all the way over to the metro station in North Hollywood, so that ride alone is about somewhere between 18 to 19 miles. I think I clocked it around 19., then. I rode back to this golf course, which was about another 10 miles. So when I was at the North Hollywood Metro station, let me see if I can get this thing to turn back on again: Im still trying to figure out this controller itll itll. Take me a little bit but uh you press and hold the one the button on the right, and then you get this nice hello and then lets see where Im at now so right now, Im at nine percent see where it says: nine percent right there Im At nine percent, my total trip is 26.

9 miles, but you got to remember 10 miles of that isnt part of this exact, exact trip, because, though I reset the thing and yeah, it was a mess but anyways 26.9, so figure 36.9 miles Im down to nine percent. So I still have nine percent left after oh there you go there, you go dog is pulling the bicycle, or this I think so still doing their thing. But here comes another one biking up that hill bye come on. Do it do it? You can make it you can make it make it up that hill there you go there, you go hes riding along neon Leon is the color of choice today, Im wearing some nice bright orange, but that is the color of choice today, because you need to be Visible to the cars that are just flying past, wherever you go even though Im on that you still want to be visible anyways, so you get the idea, so figure lets say conservatively. This was 26.9 miles, plus the 10 to and from the bike shop. So I would say 36.9 miles is the range and Im still at. I still have nine percent left. I did notice that the battery or the motor anyways isnt, providing as much power as it did like when I was on pedal assist 2 and I was cruising along about 20 miles ago. It was definitely moving getting going whatever, but now that Im a pedal assist too and Im pedaling not getting as much oomph, so thats a question Im sure most of you wanted to know, but Im going to go back to pedal assist one, because I want to Try to make it another give or take.

I think I have about 12 miles to go to get back to the west side of the San Fernando Valley, where I parked. So this was definitely a ride to Revel any of the other rides that Ive done Id say total mileage by this by the time this is all said and done well be somewhere close to around, like 37 38 miles, total so definitely doing it. But I would say you know conservatively speaking if somebody just wanted a ballpark number, I would say I could probably go about so with with the original 10 that I put on here from to and from the bike shop, I would say conservatively, Maybe maybe about 50 Miles would be the range you know give or take. It all depends on the terrain. I mean, are you coming? Are you biking up a hill like this guy, going to give yourself a random plus make a third hes got his headphones on hes just in the zone and then theres this girl, thats just walking by too shes doing her thing but anyways, I would say conservatively Speaking, I would say around 50 miles would be the range for this battery thats on come stock with the saber. If you push this button right here, she loves that lets me know. I got one light left Ive got one light left. This is the key. If you want to take the battery out, Ive, never taken it out, I never had a reason to I mean I just got the thing, so I havent really done too much to it, but uh anyways you get the idea toe Peak bag down in the description There down below Cloud9 seat the cushioned seat with the airflow.

This one has the Lycra top the material top. I like this better because you dont get the sweat back from sitting on the vinyl version of this. So I, like this micro spandex version better theres the whole seat when you go around it, but this I added this will be down in the description there down below this one links to some other cool products: Im slowly modifying and adding stuff, as I go Ill. Probably get some other form of Ive tested out. This light seems to be okay for what I need, but I kind of like a light up here, so I can do it. Oh look, rollerblading go, go, go youre. Almost there you can make it, you can make it there. You go, you did better than the guy on the bicycle. There you go. These are seasoned rollerbladers. I can tell they definitely have been rollerblading before and they they climbed up that hill with these okay. So there you go okay, the horn hear that horn loving. That theres also a left, turn signal, and then you hear the beeping look at that. Look at how cool this little tail light thing is right. So then you push the button to disengage it. You can do the right turn signal right. There you go theres. Your right turn signal, look at how cool it is and it beeps and it beeps. So not only does it let the people behind. You know that youre turning right, but it also beeps.

Let everybody know, and then you push it one more time to disengage it. There you go its also got an alarm right. So if you hit this the alarms activated, you hear a little beep, but if you try to move it, the alarm goes off. Anyways, oh see therell be Im gon na disengage it for now. Okay. So then this is to turn your light on and off your rear tail lights. Let me press that once and youll see right now you got a blink, then you push this again right. So I pushed it again now: Ive got this little pulsating thing going. I like this. This kind of reminds me like the uh, the cylons. If you remember Battlestar Galactica the 1980s version yeah, the TV show sorry Im that old. But if you remember Battlestar, Galactica theres your strobing light or your pulsing light, then you push it again right so Im pushing the light button pushing one more time. This might show. Oh okay, there theres like an emergency flashing, strobing kind of thing going on. If you want to do that, then you push it again. I think oh thats solid, I guess, thats a solid, so its got a lot of different modes. Needless to say, if I push it again, okay, that one lets you know that youve got your hazards and it also glows down. Here too, I think, maybe not but anyways thats your little hazard lights right, you pulled over.

You stopped let everybody know you got youre in a hit, stop pushing again, oh and then thats what shuts it off. So the last one, the last one. Basically the yellow lights come on and then it shuts off so now. If I push it one more time to turn it back on again there you go, you get that little stroby thing I kind of like, I think. Is it the second one yeah I kind of like this, I kind of like the enemy cylons are approaching. So I kind of like this one by the way, if you let this sit for any length of time, I think its about two to five minutes, something like that. It completely shuts off until you move the bike, then, when you start rolling the bike, then it then it engages again there. It goes there. It goes give yourself a round of applause. See this coming up. This way is the hard part going down this way. Is the easy part – because I think this way is like like shorter quicker, but this is a more sloppier slope. I never figured out why this hill was here by the way I dont think it was a man made Hill. I think this is like a natural hill, but its kind of weird, though like theres, nothing going underneath us or maybe theres a secret bunker for this building, whatever the hell. This is, I have no idea anyways Im, just talking randomly and rambling so see.

If I get that light going, oh its a bright light, okay, goggles – these are polarized. These will these goggles. These goggles will be down in the description down below this helmet love it its lightweight, I mean, were talking like a pound even less than that super lightweight its got a quick little disconnect thingamajigi right here, like you push a button youre out, and then you come Back together, oh magnet clicks back together again. How cool is that right? So there you go so anyways with that being said, oh, this shirt is down in the description there down below. I put a link to it as well, my sweats or my sweats. Oh one other quick tip one other quick tip I try to tell everybody is: I did tie if you notice my pant leg so that Im not rubbing right the chain. So I tied this around with like an extra piece of like its kind of like a hook and loop velcro, whatever you want to call it thingamajiggy. So if my leg goes around, I dont I dont catch the chain. Doesnt the chain, doesnt catch. My pant leg keeps it out separate just a quick, little tip anyways. Maybe you guys might want to know about it. So lets look at the bike, one last time and then Ill get out of your hair. But this is the bicycle, looks cool. You know it does what it needs to do theres a little back view.

So with my little setup, and then I got this going on on this side. So there you go so there is the theres, the entire bicycle. This will probably be a little screenshot for the uh for the thumbnail for the video this guys walking. By doing this thing looks pretty oh look: even the kids are climbing up this thing. Okay, go come on, you can make it come on push push. You can do it. Julie, come back, come on, you can make it you can make it you can make it there. They go coming by little ones, having a little bit of trouble. Oh its hard its hard. When you get to a stop and then you got ta, restart it its hard yeah, I understand just walk it walk it. Oh you see. Whos driving the bike, hes driving hes tapping out its tapping out hes tapping out come on come on come on. I think thats mom coming up the hill too shes pushing shes, pushing shes doing it. Shes doing it. There you go, you can make it there, you go there. You go hes, killing hes doing this thing. Anyways yall get the idea so heres the bike. I will put links to as much stuff as I possibly can in the description section down there below you get the idea. Oh here we go here, you made it. He made it hes going through hes going through. He made it. He totally made it hes coming around hes coming right, hes gon na pedal, hes gon na pedal, hes gon na do his thing.

He didnt he didnt tap. Out, though, I got to give him like a high five thats, like five extra whatever it is points because he didnt tap out, he kept going. He kept going regardless there he goes come on, go okay, okay, anyways links will be down in the description theyre down below check that out, make sure to check out all those cool little products that are down there Ill try to put as much e bike. Bicycle mountain biking, stuff, as I can possibly put so thatll, be down in the description theres a lot more stuff in the spike. I want to tell you about a lot more cool features and all that kind of stuff. If I can still figure out stroller unit, which is slowly coming to me, but anyways, you get the idea Cooter Malloy, oh in case, you were curious. This is USB rechargeable by the way see it shut off, see how it shut off. But if I move the bike see if I roll, if I roll a little bit right and then you stop oh see, then it comes back on there. You go or it did come back out for a second, I think. Maybe you have to go more than like were moving, were walking, were rolling, okay, see it came on for a second, but I think if you keep, I think if you continuously ride and keep riding, then itll come back on again and itll stay on as you Ride or whatever it is anyways you get the idea.

Hakuna Malloy hit that, like button hit that subscribe button, if you want to see more great content like this sorry to what was it intro to speed, skate La all, those groups couldnt make it Ill, be how you doing shes walking up the house to do anything. Singing her song listen doing listening to her music, its a pretty popular spot right here. You know, I think, Im going to set up shop right here and just sell some like beverages. You know maybe some chocolate or something some like energy kicks theyll, probably whatever bunker. This is you know, but this would make a great like convenience. Little stop thing: people you can sell some water bottles but Ill have to figure that out sometime anyways hit this like button hit the Subscribe button down there below, and I will catch you all in the next exciting video lets get one more last little little.


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