5 Steps To Lotprès |

Step Five: What’s Cooking?

Last, but definitely not least—food. You could just bust open a bag of chips (or unwrap that aforementioned cold burrito), but why not grill up some burgers and brats? Even better—pizza. Bring a pizza oven, sauce, cheese, and dough, then tell your friends to BYOT. 

Generally, anything you can car camp with, you can lotprès with, so don’t hesitate to bring a camp stove for grilling or boiling water for toddy refills. And don’t forget a table. They come in handy for pretty much every aspect of the parking lot party.

Expensive beers in the lodge are so 2019. The lotprès life is where it’s at and we’re never going back. You’re now equipped to party in the parking lot all night long—if they’ll let you. Make sure you bring your friends, a deck of cards, and plenty of stoke. See you out there!

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