6 Ways We’re Beating The Lift Lines This Season

2. Get There Early

Don’t let backcountry skiers be the only ones chasing sunrise. It’s the advice we all know, but hate hearing: If you want to beat the lines, you’ve got to get there early—like pre-dawn-patrol early. In fact, if you follow this one tip you may just beat traffic and lift lines alike. Once you get to the mountain, grab your killer parking spot, roll out a blanket, put the seat down, and take a nap or brew some coffee and watch the sunrise until the lifts start spinning. Or, if you’ve got a backcountry set up and the resort allows uphill travel during off-hours, start hiking, then ski down to grab first chair. 

Gearhead Tip: If you’re really a morning person, break out the camp grill and whip up some pre-lap pancakes—bonus point for sharing.

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