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7 Reasons why Food Couriers are Ditching their Cars and Pedal Bikes, f – Rize Bikes

At one point, North American food delivery was mainly done with small cars and conventional pedal bikes, and then food delivery apps such as those launched by Uber Eats, SkipTheDishes, DoorDash, and others, made food delivery more easily accessible. And, with the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic more people were inclined to order their food and stay home rather than go wait in line outside their local Chipotle or other favorite restaurant or Fast Food pitstop. There was an explosion of business and when food delivery spiked to new levels, in 2020, Food Couriers began shifting from cars and pedal bikes – to electric bikes. In major cities we’re seeing e-bikes are most certainly becoming the vehicle of choice for today’s Food Couriers. But, are ebikes popular just because of speed? Please keep reading to find out.

Without further ado, here are 7 Reasons why food delivery reps are ditching their cars and pedal bikes, for e-bikes:

1. Compared to cars, e-bikes are cheaper to purchase and cheaper to operate
When food delivery apps first came out, a lot of Food Couriers opted to use their car because they could travel long distances without exhaustion and ebikes were very expensive. Nowadays, ebikes are cheaper to purchase and cheaper to operate (no gas bills, no pesky oil changes, broken windshields, and no insurance costs). 
2. Increase Your Speed and Income
If you’re delivering for DoorDash, SkipTheDishes, UberEats or one of the other food delivery companies, an e-bike can help you go faster and further. For city deliveries, e-bikes are more versatile and if you’re on one – you can better utilize alternate shortcuts such as back alleys, park trails, and bike lanes. If you approach car gridlock across an entire bridge during rush hour you can hit the bike lane and bypass the issue completely. 
Compared with conventional pedal bikes, ebikes are infinitely faster. If you’re delivering food on an ebike and see a hill approaching you say to yourself “no worries, I have an e-bike. This is what I bought this for”. You can climb hills faster and easier and pass all the conventional cyclists on your way up. Let’s look at a quick breakdown of this: If the average bike delivery courier normally travels at around 15 mph, but an e-bike can do around 22 mph this means you could be going 46% faster if you replace your normal bike with a Rize e-bike. If we look at this even more in-depth and consider a long distance trip of 26 minutes, you could be saving 12 minutes per trip! Which would mean, again, more pick-ups and faster completion times = more money in your pocket. 

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