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With more and more people biking to work, the technology of bikes has only improved. From seamless navigation to ultra-light frames to bikes that fold down in seconds, e-bikes are here to simplify your commute.

  • Is biking to work better than driving? It depends on your commute. It can save you from traffic jams and cramped subway rides. Regardless, biking to work has actually increased by 60% in the last decade, which does help the environment.
  • How can you navigate faster when on your bike? You can either choose to use your phone on a sturdy bike mount or use a smart bike GPS system.
  • What’s the best way to stay visible while riding at night? We’d recommend an LED cycling vest to keep yourself visible even in the dark.

Let’s be frank: commuting to and from work is the worst. From traffic to crowded spaces to the cost of the commute, it can drain you before you even get to the office.

There is a better way to commute.

Riding a bike to work is, of course, good for the environment as well as your health. But, we’re not talking about resurrecting your decades-old Huffy fixie bike from the garage. The bicycles of today are actually smart bikes and loaded with features that make your commute, and any journey, better than ever. From super light frames to powerful motors, take a look at our list of e-bikes to totally revamp your commute.

Minimal Bike Carbon Fiber Bike

Lightweight and easy to ride, this all-black bike is sleek and a breeze to ride. In addition to its good looks, the Minimal Bike weighs only 14.8 lbs., making it the perfect cross-over for riding up mountains, down the road, through the city, or on your commute.

Carbon Fiber Bike

Carbon Fiber Bike

Why we love it: It’s surprisingly compact yet it handles like a full-sized bike.

Electrified S Straight Frame eBike

Not only does the modern frame look great, it’s lightweight to be ideal for your commute. This bike comes with a smartphone app as well as anti-theft technology. Amazingly, the bike itself has location technology so you can track its exact whereabouts at any time.

Straight Frame eBike

Straight Frame eBike

Why we love it: We love the user-friendly app for keeping tabs on the bike.

Aero Foldable Smart E-Bike

With top speeds of 25mph and a range of 45 miles, you can easily zip through traffic and shorten your commute. Plus, the Aero E-Bike stores just as easily as it rides. The entire bike folds down in a matter of seconds and there’s even a handle built into the handlebars so you can move it with ease.

Why we love it: After getting you from A to B, the bike folds down for out of the way storage.

G-Bike Foldable Carry-On E-Bike

Featuring a powerful electric motor, you can take the G-Bike up hills without even breaking a sweat. Additionally, its efficient gears and rings help you get to your destination quickly and easily. The G-Bike can reach 25 mph with pedal assist and 15.5 mph without pedaling.

Why we love it: After a long day at the office, this motor will take you all the way home.

KwikFold Ultra Quick Folding Bikes

Coming in electric and non-electric versions, these bikes actually fold down in just one second. You can go from storage to soaring instantly. The electric version has a powerful motor that will take you 30 miles and it charges in just four hours.

Why we love it: The user-friendly design makes storage easier than ever.

Nireeka Ultralight Smart eBike

The Nireeka Smart eBike is complete with an ultra-light monocoque carbon fiber frame. It’s easy to take anywhere, including public transport. Additionally, the eBike comes with a 500-watt Bafang brushless motor that keeps you going as well as a twist throttle for easy control.

Ultralight Smart eBike

Ultralight Smart eBike

Why we love it: It has a blind spot radar to keep you safe on the road.

Cowboy Smart Electric Bike

As you pedal faster, the intelligent speed and torque sensors work to give you an extra boost. Likewise, you’ll find it easier to ride the bike uphill. The powerful battery provides over 30 miles of riding freedom and fully charges in just 2.5 hours.

Smart Electric Bike

Smart Electric Bike

Why we love it: The charging time and range is a perfect match for your daily commute.

VanMoof Smart X Theft-Proof Bike

Complete with rider recognition, this electric bike only responds to you. All you need to do is keep your phone in your pocket for the bike to disarm itself when you approach. If you don’t have your phone, you can hold down the bell and press your personal code to get going.

Why we love it: Loaded with technology, it solves many issues bike riders currently face. 

Did we miss a great bike off our list? Tell us in the comments below. If you already bike to work, make sure to check out our bike accessories category.

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