Budget-friendly Freight E-bikes Blix Packa VS Eunorau MAX-CARGO — EUNORAU ELECTRIC BIKES

In a freight bike we require to examine performance of both e-bikes. What do we indicate by that? Just how much we can pack and also the number of various job can be done.

Both e-bikes have extremely comparable frameworks so my very first suggestion is both mosting likely to supply comparable outcomes.

However there are couple of distinctions.

As Blix Has an optional battery behind seatpost, back shelf can not be totally made use of. This way you can make use of 80% of the back shelf. On the various other hand Eunorau allow you make use of 100% of the back shelf.

Blix Packa allow you hang pannier bags all throughout the back shelf. On Eunorau you can just hold on back side of back shelf.

Both has Feet stand which allowed 2nd traveler to rest and also have a secure comfy trip. This is quite possibly believed and also developed attribute.

Both has comparable front basket which is placed on a porteur shelf.

Currently allow’s examine expense of them;

  • Eunorau Long tail deal complete collection of devices. As well as it costs you additional $400. In this established you will certainly obtain
    • Porteur front shelf
    • Basket
    • Back shelf traveler bar
  • Blix Packa provides devices seperately.
    • Back Shelf traveler bar sets you back $199
    • Front Basket $129
    • Front Shelf $79

So both of them provide devices at the exact same rate. So right here in regards to performance I require to elect draw. You will certainly obtain comparable performance with small distinctions.

So If you wish to bring great deal of products and also make use of back shelf much more, Eunorau can be far better fit. If you wish to bring greater than 2 panniers than Blix might much better fit. However they are truly extremely small distinctions.

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