An Interview With Shaun White

It isn’t only professional athletes like Shaun who can relate to the headspace of the send. Anyone who’s dropped into a hairy line, pushed their limits on a mountain bike, powered through the crux, or braved a new outdoor pursuit can relate.

This mindset is the inspiration behind Whitespace, a new brand produced by Shaun himself, available exclusively at Backcountry. The name Whitespace references not only Shaun’s name, but the uncluttered headspace it takes to be the G.O.A.T. Today, January 13, marks the official launch with the first big drop: Shaun’s signature board that he plans to ride in Beijing.

Harnessing Shaun’s insights, this board dominates the halfpipe and each one is laser-etched with its unique number and signed by Shaun. The 25 Freestyle Shaun White Pro Snowboards already sold out (Expedition Perks members got first dibs—join now for early access to future drops from Shaun).

Ahead of the 2022 Winter Games, we sat down with Shaun to get his vision for the brand and find out how he dreamt up the board he plans to ride in Beijing.

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