An Open Letter from Aventon CMO

To Whom It Might Worry,

Ebike business Aventon wants to openly specify its assistance for the Electric Bike Reward Kickstart for the Atmosphere (E-BIKE) Act (H.R. 1019), presented to the united state Legislature on February 9th, 2021, by Congressmen Jimmy Panetta (D-Calif.) and also Earl Blumenauer (D-Ore.). This costs intends to make ebike possession obtainable to those of all socio-economic degrees by recommending a 30% tax obligation credit rating on the acquisition of an ebike, with an optimal tax obligation credit rating worth of $1500.

If passed, this costs is virtually specific to enhance ebikes sales throughout the country and also, as a straight outcome of this, Aventon stands to benefit from the death of the E-BIKE Act. This monetary gain is not, nonetheless, the objective for our public assistance for this costs.

The major factor for Aventon’s public assistance of the E-BIKE Act is that this costs is well lined up with our business’s worths and also it highlights the valuable effects ebikes can carry the setting and also the globe we stay in.

The advocates of this regulations identify the even more obtainable we make alternate and also greener settings of transport, the much more we can reduce our carbon result and also assistance to eliminate the environment dilemma.

The suggested regulations concentrates on the effect ebikes can carry decreasing the United States’s carbon impact -with one record recommending that a 15% boost in ebike transport can reduce carbon discharges by 11% throughout the United States. Nevertheless, we additionally intend to highlight the variety of various other advantages ebikes offer individuals and also the culture we stay in:

  • Reduced degree of smoke and also air contamination as a straight outcome of reduced carbon discharges
  • Ebikes generate a minimal quantity of sound pollution
  • Ebike usage decreases traffic jam, permitting the automobiles when driving to run faster and also much more effectively
  • Evaluating much less than vehicles and also various other automobiles, ebikes reduced roadway deterioration, enhancing the surface area’s durability and also decreasing taxpayer prices to resurface roadways
  • Ebike batteries, unlike an auto’s lead acid battery, are made from lithium, a product that does a lot less injury to the setting and also is ending up being less complicated to reuse
  • Research studies reveal that individuals that buy ebikes over normal bikes are most likely to navigate a flight more frequently. As a result, ebikes can add to a rise in workout prices across the country, adding to American’s total wellness

This regulations proposition is specifically pertinent because the United States just recently rejoined in the Paris Environment Accord. With Head of state Joe Biden holding an environment top in the world Day, April 22nd, 2021, costs such as this are an outstanding method for our reps in both chambers of Congress to activate their assistance for the United States’s dedication to settling the globally environment dilemma.

The E-BIKE Act is simply among numerous techniques our federal government can introduce to aid every American add to decreasing our discharges. We want to see it proceed rapidly. If you also think this brand-new costs will certainly have a favorable effect on the United States and also the globally battle to conserve our world, please take this minute to call your rep and also urge them to co-sponsor this costs.

Individuals for Bikes -an outstanding bike and also ebike campaigning for team- has actually developed a simple and easy form we prompt you to fill in currently. The even more individuals we encourage to sustain this costs, the much better possibility we have of it ending up being legislation! So please authorize the type and also make your voice count now!

All The Best,

Adele Dagher Nasr



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