Are E-Bikes The New Toilet Paper?


Since the world has been under orders to lock it down, gyms, beaches, and parks have been closed. So where are people turning to stay healthy and fit? Well, it seems a childhood favorite has made its way to center stage: The bicycle. Stores across the country are sold out of bikes due to the sudden rapid demand. Many shops say they aren’t taking new repair jobs because of months worth of backlogs.

“Bikes are the new toilet paper,” said Tony Catalina, 57, of Naples, Florida, who manages nine Trek Bicycle stores across southeast and southwest Florida.

At Broward Bikes in Plantation, Florida, owner Scott Ahringer said he hasn’t had a single day with less than 50 customers in the past several weeks. Before the coronavirus pandemic, the shop had an average of 10 to 12 customers. He said he typically sells about 30 bikes a month, but in the past five weeks, he’s sold 200.

As for electric bicycle sales during the COVID-19 lockdown, word on the street is e-bike companies in both the U.S. and Europe are reporting record sales figures.

We’re certainly feeling the love here at SONDORS. And we’re seeing that more people are thinking about their health and looking for safe ways to be together. The love affair between electric bikes and humans is on!

There’s always a silver lining in any situation, and this pandemic is no exception. While there’s been a great deal of tragedy, it’s also been paving the way for people to rediscover the joys of riding. Considering that e-bikes are great for both recreational riding and for replacing many car trips, purchasing an electric bike is a prudent choice now more than ever.

Everyone’s getting connected through riding. Our SONDORS mission of “Electric For Everyone” is right on track. Bikes are more accessible–and more needed–than ever before. And we sum it up with this sweet sentiment from Scott Ahringer. “What really makes my heart warm is when a man comes to my shop with his son and is telling stories about when he was a kid, how I would fix his bike, and now I’m fixing his kid’s bike. I love it when anyone embraces cycling.”

Let’s Ride Together and Thrive Together.

-Storm Sondors



Source: Austen Erblat & Electrek


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