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A recap of our Vintage Electric NUMU Event

Art and Automotive design go hand in hand. The appreciation of design paired with performance and passion are the key ingredients in the creation of the iconic Vintage Electric Tracker and subsequent models. It is with this level of creation that led us to partner with NUMU (new Museum Los Gatos) and host a fantastic fundraising event. The theme was “Art on Wheels: Creative Transportation” and we had an incredible turn out.

Rolling into the lot was a Mike Leeds creation entitled Bertha. This artistic fabrication was reminiscent of a steampunk dream.

Also in attendance was a pristine 1914 Jefferson board track racer. The design of this motorcycle genre was the inspiration for our Iconic Number 26 bicycle, the first of the Vintage Electric creations.

Another fantastic piece of art on wheels that was in attendance was a giant 3 wheeled metal fabricated duck. The giant duck was created for none other than Burning man. It is equipped with red eyes and the ability to shoot 40 foot flames out the top of his head. A truly whimsical sight to see.

We had many more beautiful automobile creations on hand, and would love to extend a warm thank you to all who contributed to help make this event a success. Through this event we were able to share some community love and raise $7000 for NUMU.

Thanks to all who attended, you “Let your Light Shine”.

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