Aventon Aventure E-bike Review. Rad Power Killer!!!

They just nailed the soft design of this bike. When I first looked at it, I thought I was looking at a three thousand dollar e bike, but it only costs a thousand nine hundred. Ninety nine dollars theyve done a great job, putting a 750 watt motor by bayfang in the back 720 watt hour. Battery right integrated into the frame. Just smooth lines looks great. I just cant wait to show you this e bike and all it has to offer. Keep watching and see if this is the bike for you. The Invention is using a 750 watt bayfeng motor, which can deliver up to 1130 watts of power. It is similar to what Ive seen in earlier rat Rover models, but some somehow I feel the eventin is able to deliver higher performance. I guess the main reason is due to having a higher capacity controller and also the large battery size. This makes it possible to keep high power output for a long time, its a Class 2 e bike, which comes with a 20 mile per hour speed limit, but just like all the other e bikes, you can have a chance to bypass the speed limit and increase It on highest pedal assist my top speed ends up being 30 miles per hour and on throttle only the top speed of the event is 20 miles per hour. It isnt the fastest e bike, but it is still considerably fast for the class. These speeds are achieved on flat ground, but lets see what it can do on the Hills because thats where it really matters here, we tested how powerful the event and Adventure is on Hills.

I climbed Hills both on the highest pedal assist mode and on throttle only on the highest pedal assist mode. The average speed of the event in was 17.8 miles per hour, and it took me around 101 seconds to finish this climb on throttle. Only my average speed was 13.35 miles per hour and took me around 134 seconds to finish this climb. At the end of the test, I felt that the motor was getting a little bit hot now. This is a very powerful e bike, both on hills and the flats. I was really impressed with how much I felt was behind the bike when I started pedaling its considerably more powerful than the rad Rover six, and you can really feel the difference, especially going up hills now when it comes to this battery its just incredible, it would Totally be unfair to review this e bike without mentioning how awesome this large integrated battery is, I love how they were able to make such a large battery almost seamless from the other side, you cant even tell its there and from this side its just really incredible. It gives the bike a high end, look and feel, and from this appearance you really couldnt tell its not more than three thousand dollars. You do need to be careful when pulling this battery out of the out of the bike, because its really heavy the amount of power that theyve been able to get into that battery causes it to be really dense.

Now lets talk about the specs of this battery. Its a 48 volt 15 amp hour battery, which is larger than rad Powers battery, to compare this, the specs of this battery, the capacity of the event in is 720 Watt hours and radpower only has 672 Watt hours. That means the invention has a longer range and youll be able to ride this bike at higher power for a longer duration. Now lets look at our range tests in this test. I checked the range on this e bike at different speeds, such as 10 miles per hour, with pedal assist 20 miles per hour average speed, and I also did a test on throttle. Only the invented Avenger at 20 miles per hour on pedal assist mode, was able to make 36 miles of range on full battery its not the best value but better than competitors such as the rad Rover 6.. If you want to see a more detailed analysis of all of our numbers, that we got go to our description and you can go check out our blog post that details all of the numbers we were able to get from all of our tests on different e Bikes now the event in Avenger has hydraulic brakes which are Zoom Ram breaks. They are a Chinese break and I feel the performance is slightly lower than the tektro brakes that Ive tried, but its still better than nut breaks that I see on the rad power e bikes.

It has a nice sturdy brake lever and it comes with motor Inhibitors to cut the motors power when you are braking for safety, which I really like that feature now lets check out the braking performance. We were able to fully stop the e bike at 10, 15 and 20 mile per hour speeds at 10 miles per hour. It took five feet: seven inches to fully stop 20 miles per hour. It took 11 feet 7 inches to fully stop the event and Avenger The Invention. Avenger is a really comfortable electric bike. It comes in two different frame sizes and thats. The midstep and the step through this is the mid step. So if youre someone whos been having trouble getting on an e bike, the event in an adventure step through is perfect for you. They take out this crossbar now when it comes to the seat, its comfortable, not the most comfortable seat in the world, but it gets the job done. If you plan to make 20 mile per day rides, then this saddle will do the work for you just fine, but if youre looking to ride all day, you might want to invest in a more comfortable seat but thats kind of the way it goes with. Most bikes the front suspension, however, on the event in an Avenger, is really amazing. They use a zoom Fork which has 80 millimeters of travel and compared to other e bikes in this class, such as the rad power, the himaway or the Magi cycle.

It really has the best suspension, then, when it comes to the tires, the event and Avenger uses 26 inch by four inch Fat Tires that provide a very stable and balanced ride. It gives really natural suspension that Smooths out all the bumps and its just a really great Tire. It grips well. I I cant complain about them at all, and this is definitely probably the most comfortable bike that weve tested in this class, and so, if youre looking for a comfortable ride, you really should get the invention Avenger. The Eventing Avenger is priced at 1999 dollars which isnt the most affordable e bike, but not very expensive, either for really what you get out of this bike. It definitely offers a great value, as it has high end hydraulic brakes, stable and powerful enough motor and a high end display Mount both a rear, rack and a front basket. Theyre. An extra add on that. You got to buy separately, but totally worth it if thats.



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