Aventon’s 2021 Wrap-Up: Ebike News and More!

Photo Credit (in order of appearance): Corey Elbert, Stephanie Goings Carver, Ken Huard.

The Aventure (Re)Introduced Adventure

Our fleet of electric bikes grew in spring 2021 with the introduction of our flagship product, the Aventure! Quickly growing into a customer favorite, the Aventure became a staple for those wanting to get off the beaten path and explore the world in their own style!

Packing a whole lot of power into an ebike. Throttling through your neighborhood or exploring an exhilaratingly new trail, adventure is never out of grasp with the Aventure. However you’re exploring the world with your Aventure ebike, we’re honored you trusted us to be part of your experiences.

Partnered with CHOC for Autism Awareness Month

With a mission that is near and dear to our heart and our local community being of utmost importance to us at Aventon, we knew we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to partner with the Thompson Autism Center in Orange County, CA! In April 2021, Aventon pledged to support the hospital and the families they serve by:

  • Donating a portion of our online sales during Autism Awareness Month (April) to the Thompson Autism Center, amounting to a total of $40,000
  • Gifting ebikes to select families in the region that had a connection to autism
  • Raising awareness of our support on our online platforms to encourage our customers to also donate to the Thompson Autism Center’s cause

The Aventon Crew Grew

On the topic of expansion, our team more than doubled in size! More people means a more prominent customer experience. And a more prominent overall customer experience means more smiles on the people that are most important to us: our Aventon family!

This year, we’ve recruited a lot of incredible talent to help take Aventon over the top, and we have some exciting things in the works for 2022 and beyond. In time, we can’t wait to share the news, but until then, we’re thrilled to continue to raise our level of attentive care and product support to provide you with the best electric biking experience out there!

Buy the Best Bikes at Best Buy

Pun intended! We know just how important it is to shop from a trusted source. That’s why we’re so fortunate to have had the opportunity in 2021 to provide another option to shop! Aventon ebikes can be bought from your trusted and true local bike shops and our elite dealers, directly from Aventon.com, and our newest option, from Best Buy!

Aventon’s Newest Electric Bike Is Coming VERY Soon…..

If you’ve been following our social channels, are subscribed to our email, and check up on our website updates, you may have seen some talk circulating about an upcoming launch in January 2022. While we still can’t give any details away, we can say this…

It isn’t a fat tire ebike.

It isn’t a folding electric bike.

It’s not a cruiser e-bike.

It is something unlike ever done before at Aventon.

So, stay tuned! The big reveal is almost here.


Final words

In closing, we’re grateful to have been part of some industry-wide and company-specific accomplishments this year. Moreso, we’re thankful to our community of Aventon riders out there that inspire and empower us to keep doing what we love to do. We wouldn’t be who we are, or where we are today, without each of you.

We’re thrilled for what 2022 and the new year holds, and we can’t wait to continue to be part of the global change that is ebikes! With that being said, we wish you have a safe and adventurous New Year’s Eve this 2021, and an adventure-filled New Year’s Day and well into 2022! Happy holidays and Happy New Year from Aventon!

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