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B.C. ebike company is focused on sustainability

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Lots of people will describe the past year as one they’re glad to see in the rearview mirror. And for good reason, no one has been spared from some amount of pain and loss, though it’s been incredibly uneven.


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But the pandemic has also delivered some unexpectedly positive outcomes. One example is the record number of people riding bikes and ebikes. That’s not only good news for ebike manufacturers like DŌST, it’s also good for the planet, as more people discover they can leave the car at home.

Did you know that that transportation now accounts for 25 per cent of all GHG emissions in Canada and the U.S.? In fact, building the zero-emissions vehicles (ZEV’s) that will decarbonize our transportation systems is why we started DŌST Bikes.

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Transportation now accounts for 25 per cent of all GHG emissions in Canada and the U.S. SUPPLIED

But let’s go back a bit further to 2014, when a passing ebike still turned heads. Back then, Sam Atakhanov, our CEO and founder, headed another major Canadian ebike brand before our team launched DŌST. We set out to build what we felt was missing from the market: a fully loaded ebike with ultra-long-range that combined performance, comfort and utility. We launched with two commuter/trekking models: the DROP with a low-step design that’s easy to get on and off, and the KOPE with a traditional mid-step. Both models sport one of the most powerful mid-drive motors available, capable of top speeds of 45 km/h and equipped with both throttle and pedal assist.


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The “utility” aspect of our bikes may not sound as sexy as performance, but for us it’s critical. It’s the utility — the built-in racks to carry panniers, the huge towing capacity — that enables an ebike to replace a car for lots of those short trips, whether it’s to go for groceries or pick up the kids (or grandkids!) across town.

But building ebikes that can replace cars is only part of our mission. Our long-term goal is to be a truly sustainable ebike company, one that’s environmentally restorative, socially just and economically inclusive — no simple feat.

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An ebike can replace a car for lots of those short trips, whether it’s to go for groceries or pick up the kids (or grandkids!) across town. SUPPLIED

Consider that our ebikes have 87 individual components; our supply chain consists of 23 factories; spans three continents; and hundreds of people are involved in the process. Given these complexities, we decided to adopt a sustainability framework called Future Fit for Business that will guide us in our decision-making.

Of course, reading about our bikes is nothing in comparison to riding one. That’s why we’re bringing our bikes to you with our Summer Road Show! We’re hitting the road in the DŌST Sprinter Van this summer, driving across B.C. to communities throughout the Okanagan, Vancouver Island and the Kootenays. We’ll come right to your front door so you can ride the DROP or KOPE ebikes around your neighbourhood and decide for yourself if a DŌST bike is right for you. Book a ride for yourself or a group of friends and make it social.


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To see when we’ll be in your area just go to our website and book your own private test ride today.

Our Facebook group is another amazing resource if you’d like to see what real DŌST riders have to say about their bikes. There are over 3,000 members posting everything from where they ride to how they’ve modified their bike to suit their needs. It’s a real — often really funny — window into what DŌST life is like for people across Canada and the U.S.

To join the DŌST Bikes Group on Facebook, visit . For more information, visit .

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