Primary eBike Care and Upkeep

Guarantee your eBike is protected and prepared for journey. Take 10 to fifteen minutes to finish a couple of easy steps earlier than and after each trip, and also you’ll prolong the lifetime of your elements. Right here’s what you’ll want:

  • Ground pump with gauge
  • Chain lubricant
  • Rags
  • Bucket
  • Scrub brush
  • Biodegradable dish cleaning soap


Examine that your battery has adequate cost. Don’t trip utilizing pedal help if battery is low.


Examine tire stress. Use a gauge and pump the tires to inside the PSI vary on YOUR tire sidewalls.


Squeeze brake levers. If the brake lever touches the handlebar while you squeeze the lever, don’t trip the eBike till it has been adjusted. Examine brakes to make sure they’re functioning correctly. There needs to be no rubbing or squeaking.


Wipe down the chain with a dry rag. Flippantly lube the chain. Wipe off extra lube.


Examine thru-axles or quick-release stress. Guarantee they’re tight and lever leaves imprint in palm whereas closing.


In case you have a entrance shock, wipe down the fork stanchions with a rag.


For terribly muddy or dusty situations, use bike-friendly cleaning soap and a hose set at low water stress to wash the drivetrain. Dry bike totally. Lubricate when dry.


If battery is heat, let it cool to room temperature earlier than charging. Utilizing charger that got here together with your bike, cost battery to full capability. Unplug as quickly because the battery has reached full cost and don’t go away plugged in for longer than 12 hours. Learn extra about battery care.


Retailer your eBike indoors.

Whilst you’ll possible wish to take your eBike to your native bike store for more-involved upkeep like changing the chain or brake pads, the steps above will maintain your bike working effectively within the meantime.

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