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Q: Exactly how Frequently can/should I utilize my battery?

A: Our batteries prosper on task! You will certainly not hurt it from “overuse”.

Leeds Ebike Kit Battery

Q: What should I do if I’m not mosting likely to be utilizing the battery for an extensive time period, or just how should I save it?

A: If you are intending on saving your battery for an extensive time there are some actions you’ll require to comply with to effectively preserve the battery life.

Action 1– Prepping Your E-Bike Set For Storage Space

When prepping your battery for storage space, ensure not to save it totally billed or entirely dead. The optimum fee for storage space need to be around 30% -60% of ability. We recognize this isn’t the simplest to do specifically for the 250 Collection Packages where you can not “determine” the battery life. As an excellent general rule, after a complete fee, ride the bike for 3 or 4 miles. If that isn’t a choice, transform the bike upside-down (or upright on a bike stand) and also run it for 20-30 mins.

Action 2– Recurring Upkeep

Every couple of weeks, if you can, transform your bike upside-down and also run the battery for 5-10 mins. By doing this the battery obtains some usage and also will certainly prepare when you bring your bike out of storage space. If you can not turn your bike, take into consideration utilizing a bike stand to hold your bike upright off the ground.

Action 3– Repeat!

If it’s mosting likely to be numerous months prior to you can utilize your battery once more (for
instance, a lengthy Alaskan winter season), do this feature at the very least when every pair months. Your battery will certainly thanks!

Q: Is my battery waterproof?

A: The battery is water immune as a result of its totally confined pill layout along with the denier bag it’s saved in. If you intend on riding in hefty rainfalls or damp problems it would certainly be a good idea to purchase an extra water immune storage space choice. We have several pleased clients that reside in wet environments that utilize our kits in damp problems often. Nonetheless, please do not immerse your battery in a pool!

ebike kit battery in bag

Q: In just how cold/how warm of temperature levels is it ok to run my battery?

A: As a basic policy, batteries like to be amazing, not warm. Nonetheless, we have clients from the Yukon to South Africa, and also we believe everybody must have the ability to take pleasure in an e-bike, despite just how severe your environment. Once again, having the appropriate defense for your battery is essential. Ensure your battery is saved in a bag that does not trigger your battery to sweat, and also does not admit excessive of the cold. While moving, your battery must have the ability to stand up to virtually any type of temperature level. Nonetheless, you require to take added preventative measures when your bike is not moving. Do not ever before leave your battery outside in severe temperature levels. As quickly as you complete your incredible trip, get rid of the battery and also bring it inside your residence, similarly you would certainly a precious family pet, or your mother-in-law. Also she is worthy of to find within when it’s 20 listed below.

Q: Is the battery charger a wise battery charger?

A: Why of course, it really is. It will instantly quit the billing procedure as quickly as it gets to ability. Nonetheless, it is still an excellent suggestion to get rid of the battery when the fee cycle is full. Individuals ask at all times if it is okay to place their battery on the battery charger over night similarly they would certainly their cellular phone? Definitely.

A couple of last pointers!

1. This isn’t needed, nevertheless, we advise billing while the battery is off. To switch off your battery, press the button so you can not see the red markings.

2. When you connect in the battery charger the light need to show up eco-friendly. When you connect in the battery it will certainly redden if the battery is billing. It will certainly remain eco-friendly if it is currently complete.

3. Never ever leave your battery connected in longer than 12 hrs. 6 hrs is the typical fee time for our batteries. It’s fine to leave it billing over night (simply not longer than 12 hrs).

4. Do not leave your battery out in the sunlight, in warm autos, out in the rainfall and so on

For even more thorough details, please see our article How to Extend the Life of Your E-Bike Battery!

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