Best Budget E Bike for Hunting?!?! || Bee Cool Adventurer Review

That is not camera related, but it is hunting related and its a way that you can save money and also save yourself a lot of time and a lot of effort. And then you dont have to sweat as much too. If that makes sense, this is an e bike and its not a quiet cat or a rainbow or any of those five thousand to ten thousand dollar bikes ill. Tell you how much it costs, but first were gon na unbox this thing and get it put together, Music. So the cost of this e bike is 1 hundred and ninety nine dollars that is shipped and that is including all tax and everything uh, its the be cool adventurer. So there are a ton of ebike brands out there i mean i just looked at tons of them and did all kinds of research and honestly, a lot of them are all super similar. The reason i went with this bike specifically was because, out of all the reviews of all the bikes, this was the one that just kept coming back to people being like this. One is a step, above from all the other ones that are all about the same price margin and everything, and so i just decided you know what this was, what i was going to go for. So the couple things that ill say about it is the build quality is really good. Its super solid, all the welds are really good on it.

The tires are really good. The brakes are good, but theyre kind of squeaky at the moment, so its something im going to have to mess with ive. I noticed that theres a couple things you can do to to adjust the pads and you can also replace the pads. If you decide you dont like them, the bike has a shimano, seven speed, uh gear on it, so you have seven different gears. Just like a like a mountain bike would its got the big fat tires on it. Its got a great motor. The motor has been solid. You dont even have to pedal. If you dont want to, i mean you can just to do that to make the battery last, but if youre doing what im going to be doing with it, where im just going basically to and from my hunting stands, i could literally not pedal at all, and I wouldnt even be close to drain the battery me and ted rode. This thing i think i had 17 miles on it. I charged it once before. I went out and i put 17 miles on it and i havent even used a quarter of the battery yet and thats, mostly on just using the throttle. So you have the pedal assist option. So if you pedal along with it, you dont use as much battery. So thats a sweet option to be able to save the battery its not like. You have to pedal hard, its just you pedaling with it, and so that way you dont have to drain the battery as fast.

But honestly, you could literally just do straight throttle mode and not have a single issue unless youre planning on going for super long rides or going up some really heavy hills. Otherwise, if youre on mostly flat terrain for the most part, throttle all the way i got to like 25 to 27 miles an hour and i could have gone faster. But i was honestly, it was kind of scary to go that fast, especially that helmet, which i know you know helmet safety uh, but i just didnt really need to go any faster. I dont need to go that fast to my stands. Uh i was going just across fields, you know cut ag fields, no issue at all the tires just truck over everything i was going in weeds up to like probably three four feet tall. I was just going along some of the fields in the weeds and just throttle mode with no pedaling, and it never slowed down and never issues id go over. Any bumps go over any sticks, didnt have problems with it. One of the only issues i had was, i ended up running over like some little like thorn. I cant remember what they call theyre like these little, these little like burr type things theyre not like, like the actual birds you normally see, but they had like a little thorn in them ended up puncturing the tires um. They are tube tires, so they ended up going flat.

It was just a slow leak, but i was able to fix that by just getting onto one of the pages on facebook, theres a be cool bike owners group, and so i just got on there and theres tons of helpful people tons of people that do all Kinds of upgrades to the bikes, so they have a lot of good information. So what i did was, i ended up finding out about this product called flat out so its like some sort of like weird additive, its got like kevlar and stuff in it and you put it in the bike tires. So you deflate the tires. You put this stuff in it and its a liquid that stays in there and then anytime, theres a puncture or a cut in the tire like that, the liquid fills the cut or the puncture, it fills it and seals it, and then you have no issues. So ever since i did that ive had no flat tires or no problems at all its super awesome. It was like 15 bucks at menards, so super simple fix. Dont worry my tires at all now anymore, so that was one of the best things i did do with it: the lights, nice and super bright on it uh its got the digital readout. So you can see how fast youre going you can see how many miles youve gone. You can see how charged your battery is a lot of different features, theres like cruise control, which is kind of funny to think about, like you can just set the speed once you get to speed, you can hold the button down and it also just goes into Cruise control and saves that speed it weighs about 78 pounds, which is pretty heavy uh.

I would highly recommend either getting a bike rack for the back of your vehicle or taking the front tire off when youre gon na load it because when me and teddy loaded it with both tires on, it was a pain in the ass. So i would definitely get a bike rack im planning on getting one i heard harbor freight makes a really good bike, rack for like motorcycles and dirt bikes and stuff, and its actually really cheap and ive. Seen other people on the same be cool facebook page. They use the same thing for their e bikes and it works super well, so im probably going to get one of those because hauling it back and forth would be a lot easier with that. Dont have to throw it in the back of trucks. Taking a bunch of room – and it would be nice to just be able to just put on the back and not to deal with it, the battery on the bike, i believe, if i remember correctly its a 48 volt 20 amp hour battery, i think its a Samsung or something like that, its pretty heavy but super solid uh. The bike has full suspension through so its got the front suspension and then its also got the rear suspension for the back of it, and i was going over all kinds of different bumps and different terrains uh going across fields going along field edges and it like Yeah you feel bumps and stuff, but it never was like to the point where it felt like it was like throwing me off and like that it was pretty smooth.

Actually, so the bike suspension is really good. It has a rear rack that you can mount on the back of the bike. I havent mounted it on yet, but i plan to holds up to 60 pounds, so i plan on throwing on climbing sticks or a stand. You can just strap it to it. So if youre going to a new spot – and you want to be able to take stuff with you instead of having to strap it to a pack, you can just throw it right on there and youre good to go. You look at the baku, the quiet cat, the rambo theyre, all super high dollar bikes. I mean youre looking at like their entry models like 3 500 or something like that, all the way up to like 10 grand this bike is 16.99 and its going to do anything and everything that those bikes do with no issue at all. I dont know what the difference would be. I know that theres different types of motors you can get for these types of bikes, but this thing will do more than you will ever need unless youre doing some crazy, like high terrain, long distance like type of stuff. Otherwise, theres no reason you would need a bike thats going to do anything more honestly, and i would definitely recommend this over a high dollar one unless youre going into something super high dollar like something like the, i think, uh john dudley rides one its the vulcan Bikes or something like that, i think that might be right and those ones are more like an e motorcycle.

They dont actually have like pedals or anything like that. Theyre, just like a straight motorcycle type style, which are super cool too, but now youre. Looking in the 4000, the cheapest to like 10 000, or something like that, i dont know what the prices are. But if youre looking for just a good e bike to go to and from your stand, you get in there nice and quiet and you get in there without sweating a whole bunch thats. One of the main things i got tired of the walk to my stand was either about half a mile to three quarters mile, sometimes a mile. So not only does that take a lot of time, but by the time you get there when youre wearing and carrying all your gear, youre all sweaty by the time you get there and then you sit down in your stand, your sweat freezes and then all of A sudden you get cold, especially when you hunt in weather, where its really cold weather and then that sucks so now, im gon na be able to get there way faster, not gon na be sweating at all. Im gon na be nice and comfortable. When i get there and also know that i dont have a super long walk out when i get back out yeah, i know we should probably just like not care about the walking, because you know you got ta put in the effort and it is effort.

But at the same time, if i have the ability to make my life a lot simpler, do things a lot faster. Its gon na give me more time to either hunt longer or even maybe get more footage doing other things and go areas that i wouldnt normally go its well worth it to me. Highly recommend it to anybody. If youre looking for a good budget e bike to get into, and when i said budget, i mean you look at the quietcats, the rambos and the bakus, this thing is less than half the price thats a substantial savings, youre, not spending a 3 500 and up On a bike, youre spending 16.99 thats, it youre in you got it all. If you got any questions or comments, leave them down below id gladly answer anything you have about it. The bike took about six or seven days to get from when i ordered it. It came from canada, which i think theyre a canadian company a, but whatever its a great bike, highly recommend it and uh. If youre looking for something to get to and from your stand or to go, do scouting with be cool. Adventurer is probably gon na, be the bike for you at least its the bike for me. Hit the like button hit the subscribe.


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