Best DYU D3+ 14 Inch Electric Mini Bike 2022

The DYU D3+ 14 inch Folding Electric Bike provides an efficient way of traveling around the city. Expect high-performance levels that allow you to ride at higher speeds for a long time despite the small size. Below is a detailed review of what you should expect from this exquisite electric bike.


The DYU D3+ features a 36V lithium Ion battery offering 240W motor-rated power. To attain full charge, ensure you charge the battery for around 6 hours. The power output ensures you can achieve a maximum speed of 15.5 Mph, giving you an excellent commuting option.

High-Energy Spotlights

DYU D3+ boasts front and tail lights that you can switch on simultaneously using the left-hand button. Additionally, when you brake, the taillight flashes for better visibility. You, therefore, get to have a safe ride at night.

Folding Capabilities

DYU D3+ is small, lightweight, and foldable e-bike. The unique 1-step folding handlebar ensures you get to store it in the boot while traveling.

LCD Display

This top DYU D3+ 14 Inch Folding Mini E-Bike has a fitted LCD screen that displays the available battery charge. It allows you to estimate how much distance you can cover before the power runs out. To help conserve the battery charge, use the pedal-assist feature and ride longer distances.

Comfortable Seat

The thick sponge integrated into the seat ensures the seat is comfortable. It enhances comfort and makes the overall riding experience more enjoyable.


DYU D3+ frame is made of durable aluminum alloy of extreme lightweight. It contributes to the 40lb overall weight. The lightweight capabilities ensure you get maximum control of the bike as you maneuver your way through the streets.

The strong aluminum frame supports a weight capacity of up to 265lb. It is an ideal bike for a rider looking for an option to commute or tour around a major city while sightseeing.

Brake mode

The foldable electric bike front and rear disc brakes ensure you effectively stop and make soft turns while maneuvering your way through traffic.

14-inch hub

The DYU D3+ 14-inch hub efficiently holds the sprocket that evenly transmits the force from the motor to the wheels. The wheels get to rotate freely, ensuring you don’t spend a lot of energy while pedaling.


The smart app fitted in the DYU D3+ ensures you get real-time statistics while riding. You get to view the speed, distance covered, and battery percentage while riding. You get to remain in control of the bike. For example, you get to know when to pedal or use throttle by viewing the available charge.


The DYU D3+ 14 Inch Electric Mini Bike Folding Electric Bike is an efficient way of commuting around the city because it provides enough power and achieves higher speeds. It is also small and easy to control when maneuvering through traffic. Additionally, its folding capabilities ensure that you can transport it when traveling.

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