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The ever-popular Turbo Levo range is now available in hardtail form and uses Specialized’s own 1.2 E, custom Rx Street-tuned motor for smooth and quiet assistance on the trail. Up front, you’ll find 100mm of travel from the SR Suntour fork, and an agile aluminium frame. Great for those who want a bit of assistance on steeper hills, or just want a bit of added wow factor to their trail riding.

Best full-suspension MTB electric bike: Trek Rail

Predictable assistance and smooth motor engagement are what make the Trek Rail range stand out from its rivals. With a long-battery range (between 33 and 50 miles) and enduro levels of suspension travel (150mm rear, 160mm front), Trek has outdone itself with an engaging and exciting e-MTB. Bosch Performance Line motors and batteries are used for an unrivalled electric experience on the trail, while the 12-speed drivetrain offers plenty of range for even the steepest climb.

Best cargo electric bike: Riese & Müller Packster 40


Electric cargo bikes are becoming more and more common on British roads, as we see people (and companies) take a step towards greener transport. Whatever you think you couldn’t move by bicycle is made possible with this cargo bike from Riese & Müller. It packs a mid-drive Bosch motor and plenty of space for your luggage. You can even fit a child or dog in if they fancy a ride. It’s a versatile bike that could genuinely replace a car for many journeys.

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