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Our very successful mid-drive electrical bike, the Juggernaut Standard, was lately included onEsquire’s website Right here is what they needed to state:

” If you’re riding with the mud, you intend to be riding something called the Juggernaut. This leviathan of a bike might not tear with a city commute, yet in the open airs, it comes active. As a testimonial on the Biktrix website states, “This bike would certainly climb up a tree if I might hang on,” and also truthfully we concur. The tires and also managing in one of the most unsafe off-roading problems are exceptional, and also with its E-bike capacities, you can quickly get to 24 miles per hour or obtain a help with thicker, harder-to-pedal surface. The Juggernaut ensures you’re covered for whatever off-roading tosses at you.”

– Cameron Sherrill, Esquire, 2021

Right here is a video clip to clarify a lot more on the Juggernaut Standard all-terrain electrical bike! Buy the Classic here.

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