French challenger Eovolt gains ground in folding e-bike market

LYON, France – Among the newest French e-bikes brands, Eovolt is growing very fast. Between 2019 and 2020, the company, founded by Baptiste Fullen and Luca Chevalier, has almost tripled its sales from 1,500 units to 4,000 e-bikes sold in France and across Europe. Specialised in folding e-bikes, the brand now works with more than 400 shops and has great expectations for 2021 and the years to come.

The success of this young brand could be explained by its positioning as Baptiste Fullen notes. “Our products are based on a particular concept, because we are specialised in folding e-bikes. In the past, this segment was a niche market, but retailers needed to offer this solution to their customers due to the high demand. This is how we succeeded in establishing ourselves in the market while offering some design and light products, in particular with an integrated battery into the seat post,” he said.

Increased production capacity

According to the brand, a new step was taken in June 2020 when Eovolt moved from its former location in Tours to Genas, near Lyon. With this move, the company has entered in a new dimension with a 2,400 m2 building. “In our new factory, we have allocated 2,000 m2 for the production and 400 m2 for the offices,” explains Baptiste Fullen. Moreover, the company has invested in a new assembly line (30 meters of length) to increase its production.

Until now, Eovolt had only been working with fixed positions. Thanks to the new assembly line, the brand is now able to produce 1,200 e-bikes per month. “In the past, we always had strong demand, but we were limited. Now, we still have room, and we will be able to accelerate our production capacity before the end of the first half,” reports the co-founder. In addition to this huge investment, Eovolt has also strengthened its staff by recruiting a commercial director and a production manager. Now, the French brand is targeting a huge increase with around 15,000 e-bikes for 2021. “By 2024, our goal is to reach the milestone of 25,000 e-bikes with about 40 employees,” anticipates Baptiste Fullen.

Securing the production

To secure its goal and production, the company has decided to increase its components purchases since last year thanks to its office in China. “At the end of the Asian lockdowns, we saw the boom of the bike market. Currently, our position in terms of parts is secured until September 2021,” notes Baptiste Fullen.

Regarding 2022, the brand is working on a new sourcing with some new suppliers. For the 2022 range, there won’t be big changes in the products as Eovolt will continue to rely on three folding e-bikes. The company will focus its work on the design, the finishes and new colours. According to the co-founder, the brand will also push its marketing to increase its reputation.

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