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If initially you do not be successful, attempt, attempt once more. Our brave Bike Hunters laid out to get a swiped VanMoof S3 in Strasbourg, not aware that this Quest could be their most difficult yet. Signed up with by regional artist as well as vocalist Matthieu, Daniel’s all set to sign up with pressures to rejoin a lonesome biker with their cherished bike. However will it suffice to handle the wiley bike burglars hiding someplace in Strasbourg?

Expert expertise is essential when it pertains to locating taken bikes. So, it depends on Matthieu to assist Daniel as well as the group obtain their bearings in Strasbourg. Once they’re oriented, the group heads right for the works with of the VanMoof. Once they get to the area, they’re identified by a regional man that wonders concerning their existence– was it the satellite phones as well as cams that provided us away?

The regional validates that if they’re seeking taken bikes, the group has actually absolutely pertained to the best location. He also leads them in the direction of a huge garage that’s understood to consist of over 2,000 taken bikes from around the city. Could our VanMoof be hidden someplace among them? It deserves exploring. Time for stealth setting: the group share one Go-Pro cam to take a look at the dubious scene … however there’s no indicator that the bike they’re seeking remains in the garage.

They broke up as well as examine every structure in the location. A Bike Seeker’s finest source are regional experts expertise as well as aid– as well as this Quest is no various. A food vehicle proprietor in the location checks his CCTV video for the gang, as well as finds an aesthetic of somebody riding a bike that matches their summary. Could this be the advancement they’ve been awaiting?

The following day, the Bike Hunters head back to the location where the bike’s works with are sounding, however there’s still no indicator of the evasive VanMoof S3. Back in the town hall, Daniel’s unwilling to surrender on the Quest, as well as Matthieu is much from ended up. So, equipped with brand-new works with as well as restored power, it’s time for rounded 2. Word has actually spread out among the Bike Hunters concerning the difficult Quest dropping in Strasbourg, as well as the group is signed up with by Julius that can not keep away from the obstacle.

First Off: the trailer camp. It’s a creepy scene as the Seekers explore the location in the midnight, come with just by the noise of attack dog that have actually ferreted out the intruding Seekers. Eager to stay clear of any kind of problem, the group choose it could be a suggestion to proceed their goal the following early morning. Prior to they head back, Daniel as well as Julius’ uncertainties are increased by the habits of 2 youngsters, as well as they identify a door that could be worth knocking on.

Matthieu rejoins the Seekers for day 2 of their 2nd effort at recuperating the taken VanMoof S3. After making a couple of queries in the location bordering the trailer camp, they choose it’s time to take a look at that dubious residence from the previous evening. Right after a calming discussion with the proprietor, a Seeker’s phone seems the alarm system: “Stolen Bike Found”. And also they identify the bike hiding in ordinary view in a bike shed: radiating as well as all set to be recovered.

The trip’s rightful proprietor has actually currently obtained a substitute VanMoof, so the VanMoof S3 is supplied to our Paris Brand Name Shop momentarily chance at the roadway. Words Matthieu leaves for the burglar on a note adhered to the cut lock prove out: “Never ever swipe a VanMoof”.

Eager to sign up with among our Bike Hunters? Speak up on our social networks as well as that understands, perhaps following time we’ll be searching with you!

Does the idea of somebody taking the VanMoof S3 & X3 send you right into an anxiety? Peace of Mind: Theft to the rescue! It’s our uncompromising warranty that we’ll recoup your bike in case it obtains taken.

Just How does Peace of Mind: Theft job? Simple. When you report your bike taken in the VanMoof application, we signal our Bike Seeker group to track it down. If we can not recoup it for you within 2 weeks, we’ll change it with a bike of the very same (or much better) age as well as problem.

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