Bounce Infinity E1 first ride review

Speaking of modes, the E1 also gets a drag mode and a reverse mode both of which are capped at 3kmph. The Drag mode allows you to walk the scooter in case of a puncture and works without needing you to give any throttle input. That is a bit scary at first as the scooter starts to move on its own but since it’s doing only 3kmph you get used to it quickly. Then there’s the reverse mode. To enable it you need to push a bunch of buttons including a reverse switch that is placed where you would usually find the headlight flash button and to make the scooter go in reverse after engaging the mode you need to pull the reverse trigger. This makes it a rather complicated process that could very easily be simplified and it definitely needs to be as well.

Bounce Infinity E1 price and buying options

As aforementioned, the E1 can be bought either with or without the battery pack. If you were to buy it with the battery, the scooter would cost Rs 68,999 ex-showroom Delhi. This price is after the state-wise and FAME subsidies. If you were to buy the scooter without the battery, there are two options for you to choose from. The first is where you pay Rs 56,999 upfront for the scooter and Rs 849 per month for the battery. The second option is where you pay Rs 45,099 upfront and Rs 1249 per month for the battery. And if you use the battery swap stations you’ll have to pay Rs 35 per swap. Now, paying the lesser amount upfront might sound like a sweet deal but in the long run, I feel like subscribing to the battery will become the more expensive option, but it’s nice to see a model like this exist.

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