Brabus has built a bike

Other exclusive Brabus components include lightweight Monoblock Z nine-spoke forged wheels of a design that recalls Brabus supercars, a slip-on double exhaust finisher and air ducts, skid plate, belly pan and headlight mask newly rendered in lightweight carbon-fibre. And what about that seat? It’s a custom-made Brabus number, heated of course and trimmed as you expect of a high-end product.

In front of the rider is a TFT screen with Brabus graphics and underneath your backside is semi-active suspension with the latest electronic rider aids and a variety of damper settings and ride modes, from comfort through to track, all selectable via the touch screen. The 1,301cc four-stroke V-Twin develops the same power as the donor model: 180PS (134kW) at 9,500rpm with 140Nm (103lb ft) of torque.

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