Caring For Your Carbon Fiber Bicycle Body

In the event you plan to move your Ultro on a automotive or truck rack, take care to make use of a mode that protects the carbon body tubes. The best choice are hitch-mount carriers, just like the Thule T2 model, that don’t contact the body in any respect. One other good choice is the fork-mount service, the place the entrance wheel is eliminated and the bike attaches to the rack with a fast launch lever that grabs the fork dropouts. In the event you use one of these service, take care to put in and take away the bike solely in a straight up-and-down movement. Don’t tilt the bike at an angle, as this might injury the dropouts.

Keep away from utilizing the model of rack with a “jaws” clamp that clamps onto and squeezes the downtube. This kind is okay for metal frames, however needs to be averted with carbon.

With any rack, test the clamps, straps, and pads to make sure that nothing is rubbing or scraping the body earlier than driving.

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