CELINE’s E-Foil is the Hedi Slimane Electric Surfboard

CELINE knew exactly what we needed for the holidays: a bizarre electric surfboard first revealed last week. Meet the CELINE e-foil, a super fancy version of an already expensive doohicky.

To understand the e-foil, you’ve gotta comprehend the hydrofoil, a surfboard offshoot that sits above the water and glides through the water with an undersea “wing.”

Zuckerberg is a fan but don’t let that put you off — the sport is actually pretty cool.

The e-foil is the same thing but motorized, allowing the rider to skim the ocean with or without the waves that ordinarily provide motion for surfers.

Retailing for $10,000 or more, e-foils are pretty cost-prohibitive (not that it matters either way to Zuck) so you can only just imagine how much the CELINE e-foil’s gonna cost.

CELINE proudly asserts that each of its made-to-order e-foils are made in France, meaning they’re presumably manufactured by Tiki Factory or PWR Foil, though it’s not possible to identify which company created the black, CELINE-branded board.

All that’s certain is that you can only get the electric surfboards in France. As a teaser, CELINE released an Hedi Slimane-shot and directed campaign starring Nice-based pro kitesurfer James McGrath, who certainly fits the skinny, blond e-boy aesthetic Slimane’s been pushing in recent CELINE collections.

The CELINE e-foil follows in the wake (pun intended) of garage’s-worth of luxury vehicles, usually of the two-wheeled variety.

The KENZO Brompton bike, Stella McCartney Cannondale, Jacquemus Van Moof, Saint Laurent Super73, and Louis Vuitton cruiser all set the tone here.

Though CELINE isn’t the first luxury label to take to water, at least its e-foil’s more useful than Chanel’s bodyboard.

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