Comparing Aventon Level.2 to Rad Power Ra

With a mere difference of $50, you might be wondering what RadCity 5 Plus has that Level.2 might be missing? One of the first things you might notice is that the RadCity 5 Plus has a larger motor, but after reading the side note, “*”, as we’ll also discuss in more detail, you’ll learn that the actual output is quite lower than this stated amount. For compliance reasons, the true output is intentionally withheld. Given that Rad Power Bikes also provided a battery range size for the RadCity 5 Plus, we believe that both bikes have the same size battery, with RadCity possibly being smaller.

Level.2 in both Step-through and traditional frames are lighter in weight than RadCity 5 Plus, with a higher carry capacity, more color options, and more sizes! While both bikes have five levels of pedal assist, Level.2 takes home the win with a higher top speed, more advanced tech features, and a greater riding range. Let’s see what else Level.2 provides its riders for a $50 difference.



Some of the most important features shoppers look for in ebikes nowadays is the e component. Let’s analyze how the electrical components of Level.2 compare to those of RadCity 5 Plus!

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