At the Design & Innovation Award 2022, four of our products, among them the CUBE Concept Dynamic Cargo, received awards in various categories.

For nine years the Design & Innovation Award (DI.A) has tested the most promising new products of the next season in real-world conditions to identify stand-out products and the most important trends early on. Over two weeks, the independent award team consisting of international journalists, professional test riders and industry experts analyse the products and put them through their paces.

In their own words, the award team chose our bike because:
“The easy handling of an ebike paired with the cargo hauling capacity of a cargo bike: CUBE’s Concept Dynamic Cargo combines the best of both worlds and is one of the highlights of the DI.A 2022. It’s all made possible by an innovative tilting mechanism, allowing the front part of the bike and the rider to lean into corners while keeping the loading area upright with both rear wheels retaining maximum traction on the ground. An artfully integrated differential ensures that both wheels can be driven independently of one another by the Bosch Performance Line CX motor, offering plenty of assistance. The dynamic handling this results in completely redefines tricycles, so much so that you’ll soon forget you’re riding a cargo trike. Compared to some other cargo bike concepts, the front wheel is always visible, which makes it easy to manoeuvre around obstacles, and the Concept Dynamic Cargo retains this intuitive handling even when it’s loaded. This makes the CUBE Concept Dynamic Cargo the ideal ebike for cargo bike newbies.”

In addition, 3 other products from our GEAR and EQUIPMENT range were also awarded with the Design & Innovation Award 2022.

CUBE Blackline Rain Jacket (Category “EQUIPMENT OFFROAD”):
“CUBE’s Blackline Rain Jacket ticks all the right boxes, combining minimalist design with high functionality and a minimal pack size. The 2.5-layer material and taped seams offer reliable protection against the wet with a hydrostatic head of 10,000 mm, all without compromising on breathability. The elastic neoprene cuffs, the raised collar and the extended back ensure that no spray can find its way into the jacket. The athletic fit and flexible fabric make the jacket very comfortable to wear with a feel akin to natural fibres. Moreover, the jacket can pack down to an astonishingly small size, allowing it to be folded up and stowed in its own side pocket with a zip on both sides. Reflective elements loosen up the stealthy black design while increasing visibility in adverse weather conditions. Thanks to the flawless implementation of performance and design, the CUBE Blackline Rain Jacket convinced our jury throughout.”

“No matter the size of your bike, whether you’re left- or right-handed, the universal bottle cage from ACID allows almost everyone to ride with a water bottle, as long as your frame has got the required bosses. The universal bottle cage uses an innovative mounting rail, allowing you to adjust the angle of the cage by 130°. This allows you to attach the bottle cage with the opening either pointing up, to the left or to the right, whichever way is easiest to remove the bottle. This is particularly useful for small, asymmetric or ebike frames, where the front triangle is often so cramped that the only way to remove the water bottle is sideways. The bottle cage also keeps both small and large bottles securely in place, regardless of whether you’re ploughing through roots, hucking to flat or just leaning your bike carelessly against a fence post. That said, removing and reinserting the bottle is easy. To top it off, ACID make the bottle cage out of recycled plastic to protect the environment and price it fairly, which should make every rider happy.”

CUBE ATX Utility Poncho Safety (Category”URBAN”):
“The CUBE ATX Utility Poncho Safety is a lifesaver on those dark and wet days. With its fully reflective surface, it increases your visibility to the next level without a lurid neon yellow shine to blind you. The waterproof material, water-repellent zipper and taped seams ensure that you stay dry and comfortable inside. Fear not, the poncho doesn’t just hang listlessly over your shoulders and offers plenty of functionality instead. The sides can be clipped together to form sleeves or you can drape it over your arms, hands and bars, while straps around the torso and wrists keep it securely in place. Only the bulky pack size is a bit annoying. Conclusion: the CUBE ATX Utility Poncho Safety is an exceptionally well-implemented companion for year-round, everyday life on the bike, which combines safety with comfort. Be seen and stay dry!”

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