Dice Dual triumph for Kuhn at the EKZ Cross Trip

On this 2nd day of the brand-new year, Kevin Kuhn provided Tormans Cyclo Cross Group a brand-new triumph. The Swiss motorcyclist got involved to the 3rd and also last race of the EKZ Cross Trip in Hittnau.

The fight in between Kuhn, Forster and also Rüegg was hung on a snow and also mud area. Halfway via the race, Swiss champ Forster distanced his 2 breakaway buddies, however rather later Kuhn took care of to inverted the circumstance. The motorcyclist of Tormans Cyclo Cross Group won the race by 10 secs on Rüegg. After the races in Baden, Bern and also Hittnau, Kuhn was crowned the general victor of the EKZ Cross Trip. This Sunday, he will certainly sign up with Hermans, Mein and also Van Kessel once more for the Globe Mug in Hulst (Netherlands), prior to going back to Switzerland for the championship games, which will certainly be ridden on the exact same training course in Hittnau.

Shana Maes and also Emiel Verstrynge competed in Gullegem this Saturday. Similar to last Wednesday in Bredene, Blanka Kata Vas and also Mathieu van der Poel were plainly the toughest and also took the success. Shana Maes accomplished her very first leading 20 in a relayed race. The races in Bredene and also Gullegem were excellent chances for Emiel Verstrynge to reveal himself in between the pros. The 18 years of age went across the finishine in 8th placement, safeguarding his very first leading 10 of the period.

Kevin Kuhn:
” I’m residing in Belgium because the start of October, however I returned residence for a week to prepare this race in Hittnau. It was a succesful journey many thanks to the dual triumph! The melting snow and also icy wind created chilly scenarios. My strategy was to not go complete from the start. Lars Forster was really offending, however it was still 3-4 laps to go and also I took care of to shut the void. I was really certain for the win, so I’m really delighted with the outcome! I’m currently eagerly anticipating tomorrow’s Globe Mug in Hulst, due to the fact that I have actually additionally obtained some good chances there. I’m presently 10th in the category, however right behind the 8th and also 9th.”

Hittnau Guys Elite:
1. Kevin Kuhn
2. Timon, Rüegg +0:10
3. Lars Forster +0:27

General category EKZ Scenic tour:
1. Kevin Kuhn 226
2. Timon Rüegg 190
3. Lars Forster 170

Gullegem Guys Elite:
1. Mathieu van der Poel
2. Tom Pidcock +0:45
3. Jens Adams +0:53
8. Emiel Verstrynge +2:03

Gullegem Female Elite:
1. Kata Blanka Vas
2. Inge van der Heijden +0:30
3. Sanne Cant
20. Shana Maes +7:05

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