Cycle Volta Reviews Remote 160 DL “So it’s my bike now. And I freakin’ love it.”

“So just why did I buy the bike, then? In part it’s because I found the Remote 160 DL to be greater than the sum of its parts. Sure, the parts spec isn’t top end, but everything (save for the dropper) performed great throughout an extended test period. And a bigger battery surely would reduce (even remove) range anxiety, but 2.5-hour rides with a couple thousand feet of elevation gain were still easily in reach.

More importantly, the balanced geometry suits me perfectly—even after sizing up to XL—and the Remote 160 DL has boosted my confidence to attack more challenging terrain as I age deeper into a stage of life where “dialing it back” is the norm.

So it’s my bike now. And I freakin’ love it.”

Toby at CycleVolta published his review of the Remote 160 DL back in November and we thought it was high time you checked it out. It wasn’t Toby’s first time on a Remote 160, when he sent him the 2019 Remote 160 model he was so enamored with the bike that he almost purchased it. After ripping around his local trails on the 2021 version he just couldn’t resist and promptly purchased the bike. Find out why he choose the Remote 160 on CycleVolta Here.

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