Cyrusher Kommoda E-Bike review!!

This would be the third one in 2022, but this is something completely different and i know youre dying to see what it is so and voila here it is. This is a psi rusher komoda thats the model komoda. It is an e bike and it you could either pedal it or you could simply use the throttle. If you want to get a look, a little exercise yeah, you could pedal it. I should tell you: this comes in a big box and all you need to do is put on the front wheel and the handlebars uh. It doesnt come with instructions, but they are available online and you know being a man. I never need to look at the instructions well most of the time, but i didnt need to, for this took all the 15 minutes. It already had a 73 percent charge when i got it so i was able to immediately get on it. The motors back here and the hub youve got full suspension. Youve got rear suspension. You got adjustable forks front suspension, so its very similar to a motorcycle. You dont usually get that type of thing on e bikes, youre going to have to pay quite a bit more. Most of them to have any kind of shock absorbers, plus it has a spring in the seat – seats comfortable, the stock seat that it comes with. You also get the back. Rack come in very handy. You want to head to the store, put a box on there or a bag, whatever you want.

Seven speed shimano shifter and, of course your gauge is here in the computer and i havent delved into a lot of this, but theres plenty that you can do you want to keep track of uh how far youve gone, how far you can go now i could Tell you this if you use the throttle a lot and youre at the highest setting, which is number five well with a 200 pound man, youre good for about 25 miles at 25. Miles youll have about 10 percent left battery life, and i should show you the battery here its right in here as part of the frame turn the key battery pops out. You could either charge it here, while its batteries mounted on the bike or you could take it off and charge it any place. You want all right cover your eyes walk straight ahead. I got you an anniversary present. Oh, so i cant wait. Look to the right turn to the right, a little bit all right, open your eyes, an exercise bike. What kind of a jerk will get you an exercise bike for our anniversary? Well, um? What is it its an e bike? Wow? You can get exercise on it because you could pedal it, but its got an electric motor and i think, itd be the best thing in the world to ease you back into riding. Your motorcycle youve been off uh riding what its about about a year now yeah pretty close, yeah all right, hop on there all right.

You want to press this little mode button hold it on for just a minute. Okay, now the meter lights up. This is all your data. Tells you your speed, how many miles youve gone, what what kind of assistance youre getting or no assistance at all, so you could theres two kinds of e bikes theres, this type, where you have a throttle and you could pedal or just use the throttle. There are some that you must pedal in order to get any assistance, but this gives you the choice either one okay, all right, so this is going to change your speed right here. Two three, four five lets put it on one. For now, and now all you got ta do is open the throttle and thats right here, okay or start to pedal either one and youre good to go. Wow. Okay lets give it a whirl. Cyrus gave me this bike free to review, but my wife doesnt know that all right, Music, um Music, i had to go down to a parking lot and do some turns because leaning turning and swerving on the e bike will work. The exact same way on a motorcycle Music. She has no problem handling this bike because its well its as light as could be, and shes used to uh 850 pound motorcycle. So this is a breeze Music. So what do you think? I really like it its like? Yeah, its a lot of fun, a lot of fun getting me used to the leaning i you know after the hip surgery and this year, im thinking this is the way to do it.

Get me over that fear factor a little bit at a time. Yeah all right lets test it on my driveway, its pretty steep from a dead, stop and well do a little off roading, Music im sure you could take this anywhere. You could take a mountain bike. In fact, ive seen some videos on youtube where theyre really going through some serious trails, so its got the power you can go up and down hills. Music. If you want to pedal, you can pedal if you dont want to pedal just use the throttle, its just a fun ride Music here in my neighborhood theres, a quite a few hills. They call this rolling oaks because of that, and this has no problem going up any of the hills. Now i weigh 200 pounds so its pulling me with without a problem. My wife says she got it up to 26 miles an hour. She weighs uh well considerably less than me all right. Slightly downhill, 27.8 27.1 lets check the brakes out. Those hydraulic disc brakes work very well, and this is also telling me how far ive gone the watts its putting out its a 750 watt motor, but it will go up to a thousand watts, at least according to the gauge here. This is a lot of fun if youre at a commuter you live in uh, an urban area Music. This is perfect to zip through traffic. With the wide tires you want to do a little off roading.

You can do that as well. If you do any camping, throw this in the back of the camper or the back of your pickup truck, and you got some transportation all over the campsite and any place really that you want to go. I wouldnt take it out on the highway Music, but theres bike paths now all over the country, and you can explore them all. If you want to do some exercise, you can pedal it as well.


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