Damon come out swinging with new HyperFighter electric super naked range

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Canadian electric bike firm Damon have unveiled their new naked bike called the HyperFighter at the CES Las Vegas technology show.

Based on the HyperSport electric superbike first unveiled in 2020, the HyperFighter comes in several versions; the Colossus, Unlimited 20 and Unlimited 15.

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All three use the HyperSport’s monocoque chassis and HyperDrive powertrain but the more expensive Colossus version gets premium wheels, single-sided swingarm, Öhlins suspension and Brembo brakes. The Unlimited 15 is ironically limited to the equivalent of around 148bhp rather than the 197bhp of the Unlimited 20 and the Colossus.

Damon HyperFighter Colossus dash and top yoke

Despite the lower power of the Unlimited 15, it still gets the same 147lb.ft of torque, 3-second 0-60mph and 5-second 0-100mph claimed for the other two but loses a little range thanks to the smaller battery (down from 146 to 120 miles).

The larger-battery models can be recharged in 2.5 hours to 90% capacity from a 240V supply, while the smaller variety is slightly quicker-charging, reaching 90% in two hours. Both can hit 80% charge in just 45 minutes via a DC fast charger.

Damon HyperFighter Colossus headlight and front facing camera

All of these figures are of course claimed by Damon but yet to be verified in the real world and none of the company’s models to date have been delivered or tested. They do have a lot of electric knowhow among their ranks, though, having taken on talent from the defunct Alta Motors and acquiring the IP portfolio of Mission Motors almost two years ago.

The new nakeds get all the novel tech used on the HyperSport sportsbikes including the ability to move the footpeg and handlebars to different riding positions at the touch of a button and the camera equipped 360-degree safety warning system, Co-Pilot.

The HyperFighter Colossus will cost $35,000 (£25,852) in the US with the Unlimited 20 and 15 costing $25,000 (£18,466) and $19,000 (£14,034) respectively. There’s no word yet on UK pricing or availability.


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