Dare to Compare the Buzz Centris

Dare to Compare the Buzz Centris
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December 22, 2021

Dare to Compare the Buzz Centris

We know there are a lot ofe-bike options out there, but there can only bee one carrying you wherever you want to go – the Buzz Centris.

Take a look at the below info and dare to compare the Buzz Centris to our top competitor. We think the choice will be clear that this is the best e-bike for you, but see for yourself.

Power, Range, and Levels of Assist:

The Buzz Centris and our competition share a lot in common – both Class 2 electric bikes have a 500-watt rear-hub motor, paired with a 48-volt battery. Convenience, however, is the one key differentiator. The Buzz Centris electric folding fat tire bike has a removable battery that you can unlock and carry inside to charge. This can help prolong the life of your bike’s battery and protects it from extreme hot or cold by allowing you to take it inside. The competitor’s battery within the comparable bike is not removable. This feature also adds a level of security for an integral part of your electric bike.

A single charge on the Buzz Centris will take you anywhere from 20-40 miles depending on payload and terrain, where our competition can take you up to 45 miles, again, depending on payload and terrain. Both bikes also have 5 levels of assistance, giving more opportunity to find the perfect cadence for your terrain. The Buzz electronic display makes it easy to see and select your assistance level, as well as get a battery read.

Features and Accessories:

Sure, talking technical specs is fun (and certainly important), but let’s talk accessories. The Buzz Centris comes with ample storage in the form of a front and rear rack, a working headlight, and an electronic display that gives you the battery, mileage, and assistance level information you need to know while you are out riding. The competition only includes a rear rack with their comparable bike, but also has a working headlight and electronic display. When shopping for an electric bike, it is important to look for the features that are already included versus paying more to get them as add-ons.

The Buzz Centris offers a smooth, powerful ride. The 500W motor gives this bike a lot of power with assistance, and the front suspension offers a more comfortable ride. Plus, the tires on the Centris are an inch wider than the competition’s bike, which adds extra smoothness over every bump. After a test ride on the Centris, one rider said, “I own the [competitor] 2.0. This bike [the Buzz Centris] was able to pull [me] up a hill without as much help from me.” While the motor and the battery are the same, the design truly impacts the way a bike rides, and the Centris has been seen as feeling more powerful and offering a better ride up hills.

Like mentioned before, a huge benefit of the Centris is not only the folding frame, the throttle, and the smooth ride, but the removable battery adds a level of convenience that means you don’t have to worry if you get to your destination and need a charge. You can simply unlock your battery and bring it inside to power up while you lock your bike up on the bike rack. The Buzz Centris fits easily into your life – in more ways than one.

Buzz Bicycles bringsover 125 years of biking knowledge and experience to each product we design. Being part of the United Wheels, Inc. family, the designers of each Buzz bike bring a lot of experience to the table. Our competition, however, has a small fraction of that experience.

Now that you have had the chance to learn more about the key features to look for in an e-bike and how the Buzz Centris stacks up against a competitive model, we think the choice is clear. If you have other questions about how our bike compares to others, or what features the Buzz Centris has, pleaseContact Us! Our support team will be glad to help you feel informed regarding your e-bike purchase.

One of our partners, Nedra from Adventure Mom Blog, went on a Dayton adventure with the Buzz Brand Team and got a chance to ride the Centris (for 12 miles!) – read this blog post about her experience touring the home of our HQ on the Buzz Centris.

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