Developer Yannick talks about the Rapcon

What geometry did you choose for the bike, and what were the reasons for choosing this one?

In recent years, the geometries of bicycles have evolved a lot. The trend has been towards longer and longer bikes that are also flatter by one degree, or better yet, two degrees.

When we developed the Rapcon, however, our aim was not to build the longest model on the market. We even made the bike shorter than planned in the course of development in order to achieve the riding characteristics we wanted. We also asked ourselves: How can we make the bike better without going to extremes? The Rapcon was designed to do well in every situation, be easy to handle and offer maximum safety. 

To achieve this, we focused on balance. The result: improved running smoothness, better grip, a more relaxed, yet agile riding position and increased safety. 

The central feature of a balanced geometry is the size-specific and moderately dimensioned chainstay length (XI geometry). It allows for optimal wheel load distribution for every frame size and opens the door to further adjustments. 

The slightly longer chainstays allowed us to increase the stack without losing pressure on the front wheel, which is largely responsible for the front wheel’s grip. This in turn has a positive effect on the riding behaviour in steep terrain, which conveys safety and helps riders conserve energy thanks to the more relaxed riding position. 

The moderately long reach keeps you in control at all times, and the agile handling allows you to react quickly to all the challenges of the trail. The short seat tubes also give the rider enough room for any manoeuvre.

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