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6 factors that influence the performance of an e-bike 

It is not only the power that determines whether you leave your fellow riders in the dust. The following factors influence the performance of an e-bike just as much as the motor itself:

1. Integration possibilities

The type of integration is the primary factor that influences the visual appearance of your e-bike. A few years ago, e-bikes were still recognisable as such at first glance. Today, the motor is hidden in the frame, and the battery is harmoniously integrated into the down tube. 

A perfect example of discreetly integrated e-bike components is the Inissio Pmax gravel e-bike. Especially worth mentioning: Even the sound of the motor can only be heard if you listen very closely. Read how the powerful gravel e-bike regularly amazes other road cyclists in Julian Gessenauer’s experience report.

2. Ergonomics

What do the ergonomics of your bike have to do with the e-bike motor? A lot – because the location of the drive unit determines the bike’s centre of gravity. If you compare mid-drive and rear-hub motors, the former definitely win the race in terms of weight distribution. Their position at the crank ensures a central and balanced centre of gravity and thus agile handling.

You can find out more about the differences between mid-drive and rear-hub motors in the article “Mid- vs. rear-hub motors for e-bikes ”

3. The battery

It’s a match: On an e-bike, the motor rarely comes alone because, without a battery, it would not be possible to get the drive unit going at all. As a general rule: The more power the motor has, the bigger the battery needs to be. So, when choosing a battery, it is important to always consider how it’ll perform in combination with the motor. 

Other criteria relevant for this decision are the duration of your ride and the charging infrastructure. A standard battery suffices in most cases. However, if you ride in more powerful support modes (for instance, boost or eMTB riding modes), the battery loses power much faster. That’s why it makes sense to use a modular system such as the Bosch DualBattery system on longer day tours with a lot of vertical gain. With regard to the charging infrastructure, a distinction is made between permanently installed and removable batteries.

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