Bafang M200 mid drive system – Smooth, silent and very economic – First production bikes will be on the market in 2020

In a business environment that is still growing – with euro / US dollar retail prices way into high 5-digit figures – it is good to notice that Bafang also fulfills the strong demand for more economically priced e-bikes.

The new M200 mid motor system clearly focuses on the entry level e-City and e-Touring segment.


Suzhou (PRC), March 9th 2020 – As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of e-bike drive systems, Bafang does not only compete at e-MTB World Championship level or on the glorious roads of the Giro d’Italia. Either with the American Eagle team or the factory team of frame building legend De Rosa which takes part in the electrified “Giro-E”, the company strategy is to deliver the best motor and system solution for the wide range of categories, from high end to the entry-level class – be it front, mid or rear drive systems.

With the new M200 mid drive, Bafang has created a strong offering for a booming market, with considerable growth potential untapped in the entry-level category.


The new M200 mid drive system

Bafang’s development team has successfully worked on the internal construction of mechanical and electrical parts of the motor, reducing the

number of gears and switching to a combination of nylon and steel gears – resulting in an even smoother and almost 100% silent function without compromising the motor power.

While the M200’s 250-watt output meets legal requirements, with 65 Nm of torque it can easily keep up with or even exceed some of its competitors in terms of motor support – only

the most powerful e-MTB drives have more thrust to offer. And with a motor weight of only 3.2kg, a strong performance in everyday and leisure use is guaranteed.

Bafang M200 mid drive system – Smooth, silent and very economic – First production bikes will be on the market in 2020

With its high value, the M200 becomes an interesting option for entry-level e-bikes. Due to Bafang’s “open system” strategy, OE manufacturers and bike brands can opt for a

complete drive system from Bafang – and choose from their vast range of batteries (450Ah or 600Ah – integrated, semi-integrated or rack mounting options) and displays/HMIs. Or they can rely on Bafang’s team of engineers and software specialists when combining the M200 motor with components from other suppliers.


The decision for a full Bafang specification could be positively influenced by the BESST option: With the ‘Bafang E-Mobility Sales & Service Tool’, specialist dealers and the service department of the bike manufacturer have comprehensive access to the data of the motor, battery, display, sensor(s) and control unit – in order to detect and correct errors, install software updates and thus better guarantee the reliable and smooth functioning of the drive system over its entire service life.



Technical data:

SENSOR(S) Torque and Speed RATED POWER 250 watt


MAX. SPEED 25 km/h


VOLTAGE 36 / 43 volt

WEIGHT 3.2 kilograms


The M200 drive system is already in full production and first deliveries of bikes to the market are expected as of Q2 2020. For further information of OEM options, the Bafang international sales team is ready to answer any questions.

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