Bafang Attends the CBA’s Group Standards Drafting Meeting

To promote standardization in the eBike industry, the group standards drafting working party kicked off with a 2-day meeting in Suzhou.

On March 22-23, 2021, a meeting was held in Suzhou for a group standards-drafting working party, concerning motors, controllers and sensors for eBikes. The meeting was presided over by Gang Jia, Director of the Technical Standards Department, China Bicycle Association (CBA). In attendance were over 50 senior representatives from CBU (Complete Built Unit) bike- manufacturing enterprises such as Golden Wheel Group, Wuxi Shengda Bicycle, AIMA, Giant and Yadea, and electric parts companies including Bafang Electric, Shengyi, Lishui Nanjing and Higo.

Bafang Attends the CBA’s Group Standards Drafting Meeting

The group standards for eBikes are under the jurisdiction of the CBA, and chiefly standardize all factors relating to eBike sensors, controllers and motors (including reducer motors), such as terms, definitions, requirements, marking, inspection rules, identification, packaging, transportation, storage, and so on.


During the meeting, Qinghua Wang, Chairman and General Manager of Bafang Electric, first expressed his welcome and thanks to the attendees from all over the country. He encouraged all to respond positively to the call from the CBA to work together in developing group standards for eBikes in line with China’s national conditions, laws and regulations, costs and usage requirements, so as to effectively lead the sound development of the eBike industry in China.


Over the years, the formulation of group standards in manufacturing has played a positive role in promoting technological innovation, standardizing market order and leading industrial development. It assists governments in a shift towards service-oriented functions and helps them focus on improving economic, social and ecological benefits, so as to achieve a healthy and orderly economic and social development. Furthermore, group standards effectively promote more in-depth synergy for Chinese enterprises with international rules and standards, contributing to more advanced integration.

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