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Duotts C29: Budget 750w E-Bike

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If you’re looking for a cheap and cheerful, budget electric bike with decent power and battery range. The new Duotts C29 might be worth a look. Rocking a 750w hub motor, and impressive 48v 15Ah battery, the C29 has an impressive spec for a sub €900 e-bike. In this article, we take a look at the specification to see if it’s a worthwhile option. As always, if we can get our hands on a sample for review, we’ll update this article accordingly.


Motor750-watt Rear Hub Motor
Battery48v 15Ah / 750Wh
Range50 – 100 km (claimed)
Top Speed50 km/h (claimed)
GearingShimano 21 Speed / 3 x 7
BrakesMechanical Disc Brakes (unspecified)
SuspensionCoil-Sprung front suspension fork
Weight26 kg
AccessoriesFront Light, Kickstand
Price€999 (See below for offer price)


  • 750w Hub Motor
  • Good Value for Money
  • 760Wh battery
  • 29er Wheels


  • Budget Components
  • Only Suitable for mild off-road riding
  • Fairly Heavy

The electric bike market is awash with more budget options now, than at any time in the last few years. Every now and again, we get asked to have a quick look over at what’s on offer. The Duotts brand is relatively new, and based in Shenzhen, China – they sell a range of powerful e-scooters, and budget electric bikes. Their range is distributed through warehouses in the EU and UK.

duotts c29 e-bike

Electric Components


The Duotts C29 uses a fairly standard 48v brushless, geared rear hub motor. Rated power is an impressive 750-watts, which is more than is usually found on e-bikes of this price point. We would assume that performance on the flat, and moderate hills would be strong, with the motor starting to struggle on very steep climbs (20%>).

The electrical system on this e-bike is rated to IP54 which provides a reasonable level of water resistance – riding in showers and light rain should be fine, but sustained, heavy downpours and riding through deep puddles should be avoided.


For rider info and changing assist levels, a LCD GD01 display is used – this display is used on several e-bikes we’ve previously tested. It’s clear, easy to use, and provides all the functionality you would expect of a display.


One area, the Duotts C29 excels in is battery size. 760Wh is a good energy capacity on an e-bike of this price. It does use unspecified 18650 cells, which may mean diminished longevity (when compared with a brand name cell like Samsung or LG). The battery uses a standard Hailong case, so it would be easy to upgrade or replace when the time came.

As far as range is concerned, Duotts claim a range of between 50 to 100 km (31 to 62 miles) from a full charge. Based on previous testing of similar-sized batteries, we would suggest a realistic range would be around the 60 km (37 mile) mark. This may be higher or lower depending on rider weight, terrain and power level used.

duotts c29 electric bike

Bike Components

Components used are as expected from an electric bike in this price range. There’s the dependable Shimano Tourney 7-speed rear derailleur with 14-28 freewheel. Upfront, there’s an unspecified front derailleur and triple crankset. Gear shifting is done using Shimano TX50 thumb shifters.

Braking is provided by unspecified mechanical disc brakes. Rotor diameter is likely 180mm (although not confirmed). We find these generic disc brakes usually provide fairly unremarkable, but predictable braking performance. Expect some annoying brake noise during the initial bedding in period.

An unbranded, coil-sprung suspension fork is used. This will be suitable for light off-road use only – canal towpaths, gravel, dirt etc. But, nothing too tough. The forks can be locked-out if required, and there is a small amount of preload adjustment.

The frame and finishing kit is made from aluminium and the frame geometry is fairly typical of an e-bike of this price. For added comfort, there’s ergonomic-style handlebar grips, and a big gel saddle.

Available from GeekbuyingSALE PRICE €829.99 Use Discount Code: NNNDUC29EB (EU ONLY)


Recommended rider height is between 165 cm and 200 cm (5’4 to 6’5) – this is a very broad size range, and we would take it with a pinch of salt! Going by the dimensions below, we would say that either end of those heights will be pushing this sizing limits to the max. As with other similar e-bikes, the frame comes in at a medium size – maybe 5’6 to 6’2 would be a better fit. There does appear to be a fair bit of adjustment in the saddle height, and the handlebar stem could be replaced for an adjustable item to improve rider comfort and fit.

duotts c29 sizing


The Duotts C29 looks like a good all-rounder. More of a ‘hybrid’ e-bike than a full on electric mountain bike. You certainly wouldn’t want to be taking this on technical downhill trails, as you’d be asking for trouble. Ride it on compacted gravel or dirt surfaces and you’ll be fine. The 29″ x 2.25″ tyres have a fairly balanced tread pattern, suitable for a mix of on and off-road riding. There should also be a degree of puncture resistance – although we always recommend carrying a spare inner tube and pump on long rides.


For the price, we like the look of the Duotts C29. Based on the specification, it seems to be pretty good value for money. Battery capacity is above average for the price, and there’s a reasonably powerful 750-watt hub motor. Everything else about the C29 is fairly generic and unremarkable.

If you are in the market for a budget electric bike with light off-road capabilities and decent battery range, we’d say it’s definitely worth considering.

Available from GeekbuyingSALE PRICE €829.99 Use Discount Code: NNNDUC29EB (EU ONLY)

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