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With more and more electric bikes hitting the road ways and trails, it’s good to be aware of how best to interact with other people and vehicles occupying the same space. So let’s take a look at some suggestions intended to support safe riding, optimal enjoyment, seamless interactions, and to promote a positive biking culture.


Be Savvy 

E-bikes and the laws pertaining to them can vary by region. In most areas, riders should act like motorists – stopping at traffic signals and stop signs, and riding with the flow of traffic. Before heading out on your SONDORS, make sure you’re comfortable operating it by practicing slowing down, stopping, getting on and off, and maneuvering. Familiarity means good control in any situation.


Be Seen

It’s always a good idea to take extra precautions to be seen on the road. Wearing bright and/or reflective clothing and using front and rear lights is a good place to start. In addition to safety equipment , it’s important to be alert while riding. Remember that motorists may not be expecting an e-bike to be traveling at faster speeds, so be mindful. Consider using hand signals to communicate your intentions with surrounding traffic.


Be Respectful 

Since your SONDORS can go up to 20+ MPH, make sure to follow the posted speed limit. As a faster-moving vehicle, if you choose to ride your e-bike on greenways and other multi-use paths, be respectful of all other users and animals. When preparing to pass other riders and pedestrians, alert the person that you’re going to be passing, either verbally and/or with the use of a horn or bell.

 Few things are going to annoy trail riders more than when an electric bike goes flying by them at 20 mph up a 20% grade while they’re huffing and puffing their hearts out. If you come up behind a rider who is going slow, perhaps consider turning around and going the other way, or just take a break. If you want to pass and be super stealth about it, consider turning your motor off and using just the pedal power. After all, the people out on the trails are doing the exact same thing you are: Recreating.


Leave No Trace (or Deep Tracks)

Whatever you brought with you into the woods, make sure it comes back out. Leave nothing behind except tire tracks. And to that end, make sure your tire tracks don’t adversely affect the trail. While riding in the mud is fun, when that mud clings to your tires like peanut butter, you’re messing with your e-bike…and the trail. Even a single tire track in muddy or wet conditions can take months to heal or countless shovel hours to fix. Do your local trail crew and your e-bike a solid and hold out until things dry up a bit.


Yield Appropriately 

Do your best to let your fellow trail users know you’re coming—a friendly greeting or bell ring are good methods. Try to anticipate other trail users as you ride around the corner. Electric bikes should yield to all non-motorized users, regardless of the direction they’re traveling. It’s a courteous gesture, and it’s often a requirement of public parks.


Represent Our Community 

Riding your SONDORS is so much fun and does so much good for us humans and for our planet. When we act as ambassadors on behalf of all e-bikers everywhere, we give electric bikes–and our community–a good name. And remember: Life is a glorious ride…so get out there and love your ride!




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