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 The popularity of electric bikes is here to stay because, let’s face it, the world is not going backwards when it comes to finding better ways to reduce our carbon footprint. Many of our actions affect our carbon footprint, including what you use to power your home, what you eat, and, of course, how you get from Point A to Point B day after day. Anytime you can hop on your SONDORS instead of getting behind the wheel of a car, you’re helping the environment. Electric bikes don’t use gas, and, therefore, don’t spew dangerous chemicals and smoke into the air. They’re considered to be zero-emission vehicles, and they run on clean energy.

Since e-bikes are powered by motors, they do consume electric energy. Yet the level of energy consumption is much smaller compared to any other type of transportation, be it a motorbike, moped, or a car. Moreover, the fact that a rider can also pedal their SONDORS further reduces the level of energy consumption, making e-bikes one of the most eco-friendly–and economical–methods of transportation.

The average e-bike requires only about 10% of the energy needed to operate a standard car, and it’s six times more efficient than using rail transit. Electric bikes operate without emitting any greenhouse gases, and it’s estimated that they prevent the release of roughly 500 pounds of carbon emissions in its lifetime.

In short, SONDORS helps improve our environment because…

Unlike cars and similar polluting vehicles, electric bikes use lithium-ion batteries which are lead-free. By reducing the dependency on lead, you’re indirectly reducing your carbon footprint by reducing toxic waste. E-bike batteries are the easiest to recycle because lithium is used a lot in manufacturing products such as laptops and cell phones.

The fact that municipalities are pouring millions of dollars into improving infrastructure for bikes, and with new routing apps continuing to pop up, it’s further proof that your SONDORS is a “green dream!” Now’s a great time to embrace an electric, two-wheeled lifestyle, because we need to sustain our beautiful planet’s vitality, and life’s a ride…

So, get out there and love your ride!


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