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Electric Big Phat Scooter Offers Versatility & Oomph

Riding fat wheels on electric bicycles and scooters can be a thrill if the electric motor is up to the job. We’ve covered two dual-motor electric bikes (e-bikes) so far that were silly fun to maneuver in corners — the EVO Big Bud PRO from Emotion and the MOAR foldable fat tire e-bike. It certainly sounds as if the Phat Scooter is shooting for something a little different, which should appeal to many as well.

Electric Big Phat Scooter

The Cool, Electric “Big Phat Scooter”

Fat wheels are all the craze these days. We can find them on bikes, scooters, and even motorcycles. Although a few electric fat-tire scooters pop up here and there, they are mostly handmade and not readily available. This is what the electric Big Phat Scooter tries to solve with its Phatty Electric Scooter and Phatty Electric Sports Scooter, which are aimed at a wider audience reach.

Fun Stuff With the Electric Phat Scooter

What caught our attention is the detail in engineering to overcome a few problems that low and fairly wide vehicles have on the road.

Electric Big Phat Scooter

After experimenting with various riding heights, battery options, and electrical configurations, Phat Scooter settled on what it considers to be the best compromise. The core question is whether to add bulky batteries on the bottom and end up with a high deck or a have a low deck but less range and its own issues.

Low decks with low centers of gravity make for a great ride feel and handling. However, turning can be annoying, as the fairly wide and long platform can scrape its bottom upon turning. Plus, shoving an electric battery, controller, and cabling in a tight place is no easy feat, so the lower you go, the more challenge you have getting everything to tuck neatly under the riding deck.

However, a higher center of gravity makes for a less stable ride and experience, and many would agree that it simply doesn’t look good!

Phat Scooter made a few moves to try to get the best balance between everything.

Electric Phat Scooter, Designing an Electric Fat-Wheel Scooter

In the words of Dan Hankins, Founder at Phat Scooter, after setting out to achieve “an extremely low profile battery configuration, we were able to hide our battery pack underneath the deck of our scooter frame thus helping to protect the battery and offering a clean profile. This allowed us to keep the center of gravity low enough to maintain a comfortable ride while also eliminating the issues of cornering and high centering. We also packaged our electronics between the vertical frame tubing which shielded important systems from the elements.Electric Big Phat Scooter

“The end result is a product we’re very proud to present to our customers. Never has a run to the store been so much fun. Never has the ride to the restaurant been such an adventure and never will a lack of parking take away from where you and yours are going. Simply put, a phat scooter is a blast to ride, comfortable, and absolutely bullet proof.”

Electric Big Phat Scooter

Electric Big Phat Scooter

The Phatty Electric Scooter’s Specs

In the end, the Phatty Electric Scooter offers a low-slung center of gravity, provides plenty of room to maneuver, and rests on comfortable fat tires, but how about some numbers?

Weighing in at 165 lbs, the Phatty Electric Scooter uses a 72 V, 12 Ah lithium-ion battery pack, pushing its 1,200 W electric motor up to a comfortable 20 MPH.

Electric Big Phat Scooter

It has three riding modes. At first, this might seem excessive, but after watching electric fat-tire riders on the beach path near our house, I can vouch for the use and practicality of the Beach mode, which restricts the electric Big Phat Scooter to 8 mph — great idea. PM me personally if you don’t get it. The other modes are Golf and Bike, which are respectively 13 mph and 20 mph.Electric Big Phat Scooter

Electric Big Phat Scooter, Phatty Electric Sport Scooter Specs

The Sport differentiates itself from the regular version by keeping all the performance, design, and fun of the original Phatty but also going through a 20 lb weight-loss regime, which includes shorter handlebars and a frame for riders up to 6 feet (1.82 meters) tall.

LED Efficiency With the Electric Big Phat Scooters

What would an electric mobility device be without LED lights? I’m not sure non-LED systems still exist anymore.

The electric Big Phat Scooter wears LEDs that can be monitored through the scooter’s digital battery status indicator. Both scooters have a 6-month battery warranty and 1-year parts warranty. Electric Big Phat Scooter

So, here’s a welcome surprise. The Sport option doesn’t cost more than the original. They both retail for $1,999. Still trying to understand that one, but I do find it a terrific idea.

Accessorizing the Electric Phat Scooter

In case you would like to differentiate yourself from other electric Big Phat Scooters, you can opt to customize your electric Big Phat Scooter, to a certain extent.

Electric Big Phat Scooter There is a wider choice of decks and fenders than the one shown above, but you get the idea.

Electric Big Phat Scooter Final Thoughts

OK, this one ranks high on my want list. There is something to be said about a big, electric, fat-tire scooter. And the appeal is growing on me in leaps and bounds. They make sense. They are stable enough for most people and carry a certain amount of cargo, ideal for quick grocery runs. The electric Big Phat Scooter’s versatility is greater than that of a traditional e-bike without cargo space. Plus, its inherent design shape allows a certain level of comfort not found on most electric bicycles.

I could see my garage welcoming yet another urban commuter in the shape and form of an electric Big Phat Scooter.

Electric Big Phat Scooter Electric Big Phat Scooter


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