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Electric Bike Battery Recommendations for Winter Season Storage Space– Classic


With the holiday concluding, as well as winter months setup in, you might wonder what our referrals are for appropriate winter storage space. Standard upkeep as well as handling of your Vintage Electric bike will certainly aid guarantee your battery goes the range right into springtime as well as past. Right here is the producers suggestion for keeping as well as looking after your electric bike throughout winter. This treatment will certainly aid to guarantee your battery cells as well as various other vital parts are safeguarded.

⮚ Never ever bill your bike listed below 35 ˚ F.

Do not leave the battery charger connected into your battery for a prolonged time period.

⮚ Examine the fee on your bike every one month.

Ideally shop your battery at 60-80%. ( 4 bars on the LCD show or yellow LED sign on older designs)

Your bike ought to preferably be saved inside at a temperature level array in between 50 ˚ F as well as 95 ˚ F.

⮚ Do not leave the battery charger connected into your battery for a prolonged time period.

Right Here are a couple of bottom lines to remember when keeping your Vintage Electric Bike. You will certainly intend to clean down as well as get rid of any type of salt or wetness that can trigger steel components or links to wear away. As soon as cleaned down, keep your bike inside as well as far from the aspects. If you will certainly be keeping your bike on a concrete flooring, we recommend positioning cardboard in between the tires as well as the flooring as concrete will certainly dry the tires with time.

2 bottom lines with storage space to remember. Never ever keep your bike listed below 35 ˚ F. This can lead to an icy battery. If your battery is incorrectly saved or iced up, it might protect against the battery from recuperating for the springtime.


⮚ Please prevent riding your bike on salty roadways as this can trigger undesirable rust.

⮚ Never ever biker your bike listed below 10 ˚ F

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