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Electric bike battery lacks question solitary most costly component on your electrical bike. As well as unlike various other costly parts such as electric motor, batteries have a life process. So you need to be really mindful when you are acquiring an electrical bike or substitute ebike battery.

After you review this post, you will certainly referred to as high as an ebike shopkeeper regarding your electrical bike battery.

What is distinction in between Volt as well as Amp of ebike battery?

I will certainly attempt to streamline them right here. I will certainly utilize a watermill example. If water streaming in a pipeline is power after that volt will certainly be the water stress. Amp is the quantity of water streaming with the pipeline.

If you increase both you will certainly locate watt which is the power related to transform the watermill.

If we take 2 the same electrical bikes among which has a greater battery voltage, that a person will certainly go much faster.

As well as if one has greater amp will certainly have a far better velocity.

Amp Hrs: This is various than amps. It reveals essentially the amount of amps can your battery supply for one hr.

C price: This is something relevant with chemistry of your battery cell. It demonstrates how much “max amps” your battery can provide with no trouble. So if your battery is 20 amp hr as well as has C price: 4. After that your battery can provide 20×4= 80 amps in a secure method.

Battery providers such as Samsung or Panasonic generates various 18650 battery cells for various functions. Battery utilized in electrical cars require to have high C worth so when required they can supply greater amps. As well as these cells are normally extra costly. As well as they have actually some cells created for electric cigarettes which do not require such high amp intake as well as they have reduced C-rate.

Ask your e-bike battery distributor or e-bike vendor what is C-rate of the battery. Since there can be 2 the same batteries both with 48V 14 ah worths. If one battery pack is outfitted with C price 1 cells as well as various other has C price 4 cells, you will certainly have 2 really various efficiency from your e-bike as well as battery. One e-bike battery can offer as high as 14×1= 14 amps on the various other hand various other e-bike battery can offer 14×4= 56 amps if required. (Most likely your controller will certainly restrict this).

Watt Hr: This is your battery volt x amp hr which reveals your battery capability. Primarily it informs just how much power can be saved in your ebike battery pack.

If your have a 1500 wh (Watt hr) battery pack, it can supply 500 watt power for 3 hrs.

Ah vs Amp: Do not puzzle them. Amp worth normally not promoted on batteries. If somebody points out regarding 13 amp battery, he implies 13ah battery.

Ah vs Wh: Ah is a specification regarding capability however without Volt it implies absolutely nothing. Crucial criterion is Watt hr (Wh). 10ah battery can have a bigger capability than a 12ah, if 12ah one is 36V as well as 10ah one is 48 e-bike batteries.

36×12= 432 wh as well as 10 ah one has 48×10= 480 wh capability. So please check battery wh worth.

Does a Larger Battery Load ways Much better?

If you suggest huge in quantity or weight after that my basic solution will certainly be no. As pointed out previously vital criterion is the watt hr of your battery. (Additionally inspect various other criteria as well). If one e-bike is bigger in dimension, with comparable watthour worths, it is most likely as a result of utilizing old innovation cells.

Older generation cells have reduced capability so they require to utilize even more of them to offer exact same capability.

However this added quantity or weight includes problems as well such as;

  • Your ebike ends up being much heavier. Larger e-bike implies slower as well as reduced variety e-bike.
  • Harder to raise your e-bike
  • Greater possibility to harm your battery if it drops.
  • Impacts equilibrium of your e-bike.
  • Larger loads normally do not look that great.
  • Big quantity ones may influence your riding design

Exactly How to Shop Your Ebike Battery?

Billing as well as releasing by utilizing your e-bike battery is the very best method to keep your ebike battery. This is the quickest solution I can offer.

If an an e-bike battery remains still for long period of time will certainly transform interior chemistry of battery cells as well as you will certainly see large decrease in capability of your e-bike battery. If an e-bike bms isn’t advanced adequate your battery might also not have the ability to charge once again. At Ariel Motorcyclist we utilize an extremely sophisticated as well as advanced BMS (Battery Administration System) to stop you experience such undesirable occurrence. However once again our greatest recommendation is attempt to utilize your e-bike at the very least every so often.

Why do e-bike batteries detoriate by time?

As opposed to what you might picture, your battery fee isn’t taken in just when you utilize your e-bike however additionally when you keep them as well. Usually you will certainly see a 1% decrease off saved power of your battery pack.

As pointed out prior to each battery cell has a secure variety of capability which is 3.0 V to 4.2 V. A solitary battery cell’s small capability is 3.6 V. IF you incorporate 10in collection it will certainly be 36V as well as if you incorporate 13 in collection you will certainly have your 48V battery pack.

Your battery administration system is set to maintain your battery pack within this variety. If your cells get to 4.2 V after that it quits them billing as well as if fee goes down listed below 3.0 V it closes them to stop more damages.

So if you see your electrical bike battery is “vacant” on your display screen really it implies it gets to near to 3.0 V/cell (this is 39V in 48V battery).

As claimed every month you will certainly see a 1% decrease in your e-bike battery capability as well as if you keep your e-bike battery for long period of time as well as allow your battery fee go listed below this essential degree, your batteries will certainly be harmed in irreparable method. Since now your batteries interior chemistry is transformed which we call “careless cell” scenario. Sadly as soon as you experience it, your batteries will certainly hold little fee or otherwise whatsoever depending upon exactly how poor their chemistry transformed.

So attempt to bill your batteries every so often. Throughout your flight if you see your fee goes really reduced or your battery is completely drained pipes, bill your battery once you return home as initial point to do.

If you are mosting likely to leave your electrical bike deserted for a very long time because of journey or seasonal factors, inspect it’s fee degree as well as bill it if you really feel fee degree is as well reduced.


This 1% is an ordinary worth as well as there are numerous aspects impacting it such as what type of cells being utilized, bms system as well as outside temperature level. We evaluated a number of batteries from various providers as well as see that economical “no name” Chinese batteries have a tendency to shed 3% month which is terrifying as well as unusual. Much like various other points economical parts require greater upkeep. This can offer you concept exactly how some e-bikes can be really economical however they feature a lot of issues that you will certainly require to handle.


Maintaining your battery completely billed for long period of time is additionally not adviced. Since as soon as your battery is completely billed your batteries will certainly have anxiety inside. As well as as soon as they undergo such anxiety for long period of time of time, they can obtain harmed (Not a significant one).

Based upon our talks with Samsung execs as well as our examinations we see finest price to maintain your batteries for extended periods is 70%. Attempt to keep them at this price as well as attempt not to go listed below 30%, this way you can utilize your e-bike battery for longer durations without seeing significant decrease in your variety.


Batteries deal with electro-chemical responses and also as we understand from our high-school chemistry training courses warm influences all chain reactions. Specific responses happen much faster in warm problems as well as particular responses quit occurring in chilly temperature levels.

Safe temperature level to maintain your e-bike is in between -10 Celcius as well as 40 Celcius.

This February Ariel Motorcyclist were welcomed to Samsung battery cell manufacturing facility as well as designers of Samsung advise us particular points which are alongside our experience with e-bike batteries.

  • If your battery goes through temperature levels over 45 Celcius levels for greater than 5 hrs you will certainly see decrease in your battery capability. Do not leave your e-bike at the rear of your van for long period of time or based on route sunlight light in summer season for extended period of time.
  • If your battery cells get to -20 Celcius for longer than 24-hour after that they might have irreparable problems as well. So if you have lengthy winters attempt to maintain your battery inside your residence or garage to stop your battery based on such damages.

Moisture is additionally not a buddy of your battery. Attempt to maintain it in completely dry atmosphere. At Ariel Motorcyclist we invest great deal of initiative to stop moisture to permeate inside your battery pack.

You can see our packaging. After batteries are stuffed after that they are covered with anti-static movie as well as in addition to that an anti-humidity movie is covered. This way we can shield battery cells from moisture, dirt as well as various other points that can harm your e-bike battery.


A lot of the electrical bike batteries have clever as well as advanced BMS on them. This BMS will certainly stop your battery being overcharged or over discharge. Besides that most battery chargers additionally have clever control system to stop overcharging the battery.

So theoretically you can leave your battery attached to battery charger forever as well as there is no significant damage to your e-bike battery life process. However after your battery is completely billed as well as you keep it attached to battery charger will certainly eat power. It has no advantage to you as well as costing your cash as well as our natural deposits. So after you see thumbs-up on your battery charger which implies your e-bike battery is completely billed far better detach it.

For this clever BMS as well as Battery charger, I can not generalise for every e-bike brand name. Sadly I see numerous firms attempt to reduce price as well as utilizing really basic BMS on their batteries. As well as they are insufficient in maintaining your e-bike battery risk-free as well as healthy and balanced. It is difficult to comprehend what type of BMS an e-bike is utilizing unless you are a knowledgeable individual in this area. So purchase an e-bike from a business you can rely on with. Examine if they understand what they are doing. If they can not address your inquiries right a method after that most likely you require to be extra mindful.


Primarily indeed you can. Li-ion battery cells do not have memory influence so they can be billed at any kind of factor without impacting the lifecycle of your e-bike battery.

However as your e-bike battery has actually been waiting still for a very long time (we are discussing over 3-4 months at the very least), there can be some problems with cell harmonizing. So If you bill your e-bike battery awhile is encouraged. So your BMS as well as battery charger will certainly stabilize the cells. This will certainly guarantee you to obtain one of the most vary from your e-bike battery in your initial flight after keeping your battery for extended period of time.


You can however, for security factors we suggestions you to remove your battery from your e-bike. You can comply with these actions;

  • Inside the automobile place your battery in a location where it will not based on route sunshine.
  • Remove the secret from your battery. So the vital will not brake inside.
  • You can utilize incurable covers for added defense.


Sure you can as our electrical bike batteries are created to be utilized in damp or wet weather condition. If you prepare to clean your e-bike with stress water or water jet, remove your battery.

Additionally do not utilize a vapor Stress washing machine for your cleansing your e-bike battery.

Typically cleaning your battery with a damp towel is ample in regards to cleansing.


If you connect your battery charger to your battery for extended period of time, it will certainly fume. So do not place your battery or battery charger in position where it might trigger a fire.

Our battery chargers as well as batteries are outfitted with temperature level sensing units however there are some battery chargers which do not have those features. So if you do not understand attributes of your battery charger or battery, attempt to be on the risk-free side as high as feasible.



Most of us intend to bring our e-bikes with us where we go. Sadly a lot of the airline companies will not approve you to bring your e-bike battery or deliver them through air transfer. Also they allow you, they will certainly ask numerous paper jobs as well as ultimately they have ideal to decline your freight.

My finest suggestions as well as least expensive one is to deliver it through ground delivery when possible

Possibly you have actually read about some tales of hover boards obtaining fire. The primary factor is they utilizing economical poor quality li-ion cells, bad setting up of pack as well as economical BMS. That is an extremely unsafe formula which can trigger deadly outcomes. If you or your relative have a hover board or you currently have an e-bike battery which you can not bank on the high quality I will certainly suggestions you to utilize this fireproof bags for e-bike batteries. (

The length of time does an Electric Bike Battery Last?

First off electrical bike battery life is determined by fee cycles not days or months. A great battery can be utilized for for 500 700 complete fee cycles. So you can anticipate to utilize your e-bike battery completely 3 to 5 years if you take excellent treatment of your e-bike battery.

What occurs when my e-bike battery reaches to max. variety of fee cycles?

It is not completion of the globe for your e-bike battery. When it gets to max. variety of fee cycles your battery capability as well as variety will certainly reveal a significant decrease. However it depends upon you to change your battery or otherwise. If you do not commute for cross country you can keep utilizing your e-bike battery. However if that went down variety is being a problem for your commute, after that you can spend for a substitute battery. Possibly you can think about to purchase a larger capability one as well.

Is it ok to leave my e-bike battery in rainfall?

Yeah it is okay however not encouraged. If you require to ride your e-bike under rainfall or require to park outdoors on a wet day, you can do it. However if you have possibility to maintain your e-bike or at the very least e-bike battery in a completely dry location, far better do it. Do not take threat as well as examination restrictions of your e-bike battery.

The amount of cells remain in a 36 volt battery?

It depends upon ah (amp hr) of battery. However generally they have 40 cells or 50 cells. It will certainly be loaded with 10 collection 4 parallel or 10 collection 5 parallel.

Just how much does it set you back to bill an e bike?

If your e-bike battery capability is 500Wh it requires 0.5 Kwh to bill your e-bike battery. Usually it sets you back $ 0.12/ kwh in United States so it will certainly set you back $0.06 to bill your e-bike battery. So for 6 cents you can anticipate to ride your e-bike for 40 miles.

Do electrical bikes bill themselves?

Just straight drive center electric motors have possibility to bill themselves as they do not have interior equipment. This is called regen feature. In order to bill your battery you additionally require an unique controller for it.

This can appear so alluring today comes trouble. The self billing you will certainly have is minimal. Besides that Straight drive electric motors are much heavier as well as ineffective so quantity of power you obtain from self-charging is mosting likely to be a lot smaller sized than added power taken in as a result of ineffectiveness of a straight drive center electric motor.

just how much is a battery on an electrical bike?

Typically it sets you back around $450 – $ 750 to purchase a brand-new e-bike battery. However it depends upon capability of your e-bike battery, brand name of cells as well as brand name of e-bike as well.

When Should I bill my e bike battery?

The length of time does battery last on electrical bike?

Relying on battery cell brand name, bms as well as exactly how it is loaded it can walk around 500 completely fee cycles as much as 1500 complete fee cycles. Afterwards your battery will certainly remain to function however you will certainly see sharp decrease in efficiency. Your variety will certainly drop.

This complete fee cycles depends upon exactly how you maintain your battery as well as exactly how greatly you utilize them.

Some individuals fret to bill 10-20% when they take their e-bikes to workplace as an example. As they believe such billing is thought about as complete fee cycle. Great information is it isn’t a complete fee cycle. If you bill 20% for 5 times after that your battery considers it as a complete fee cycle. (In fact it is extra made complex as there are various other aspects, so in truth 20% fee times 4.73 is thought about complete fee however, for simpleness you can think about as 5 times).

Exactly how frequently should you bill your electrical bike Battery?

You can bill your e-bike battery as frequently as you desire. As they do not have memory like old generation batteries which are encouraged to bill much less regularly. So after essentially a 5 mile flight you can still bill your e-bike battery.

It is encouraged to maintain your battery complete however do not maintain 100% complete for extensive time period.

Do you require completely bill an Electric Bike Battery for the very first time?

If you have a NiCaD ebike battery after that you will certainly require to completely release as well as bill them. However Lithium Ion batteries do not require it. Lithium Ion batteries do not have fee memory so it does not require deep discharge or complete fee when you purchase your e-bike battery.

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