Electric bike buyer’s guide 2021

Why use an electric bike?

Contrary to what some may believe, using an e-bike isn’t cheating. These motor-assisted bikes open many avenues for people who otherwise might not be able to cycle. Thus, they create the potential for a reduction in car use and, longer term, lessening the burden on the NHS as more people are active. 

Essentially, they’re brilliant tools for a wide variety of people. They make commutes easier and less sweaty to some degree, and they make short trips manageable without a car. Not only this, but they’re incredibly fun to ride. The moment the motor assist kicks in is comparable with that of the first time you freewheeled your bike down a hill as a child – a feeling most recall with immense happiness!

Types of e-bikes

City e-bikes

City bikes offer a more upright riding experience that complements itself to the urban environment. Often available in step-through or step-over frame designs, they are also frequently called ‘Dutch’ bikes. They’re designed for shorter urban journeys and often provide a chain cover so you can wear regular clothes without worrying about oil and dirt transferring itself from the chain. They usually come with a smaller selection of gears, so bear that in mind if you live on a mountain.

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