Electric Bikes “The Great Equalizer”

When it comes to riding a bike, we all have different memories and levels of “experience”. To some, it was something they did as a child, to others, it’s the only mode of transportation they enjoy, and lastly to some it’s something fun to do on the weekend. Whatever category you identify with, electric bikes are the Great Equalizer – something that levels the playing field when you’re going out for a fun ride or commute.

Our Populo Sport opens up the door to enjoying the benefits of cycling to literally everyone. If you haven’t ridden a bike in years, or just completed a spin class, it is an enjoyable way to get around. It takes away the stress of “can I keep up?” when faster friends or family ask you to join them for a bike ride. You can dial up the power or dial it back so you can focus on the time together, and nothing else.

So embrace this new age of Electric bikes. If you looking to get back into riding, make your commute easier, or just enjoy the outdoors, the Populo Sport is the right choice. 


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