Electric Scooter review: Piaggio 1

What’s it like to ride?

Annoyingly easy once it’s live and you’ve selected a rider map to use. Keep the key fob in your pocket once you’ve used it to unlock the bike. There’s a knob to twist, a brake lever needs pulling in while you select the riding map and confirm your choice with a double tap, and after that the throttle is live and you’re ready to go. It’s every inch a traditional step thru scooter; your feet sit flat in front of you and your legs are nicely shrouded from the elements.

In Sport mode a big twist on the lightweight throttle means useable movement rather than the visceral violence a Zero or one of the bigger electric bikes dishes out. If anything, I’d hoped for a little bit more zap off the lights but as it was, there was no danger of being swallowed up by the traffic. It silently and efficiently makes its way to 30mph, which is enough for most modern cities.

There’s next to no drive train whine, but what’s more impressive is the lack of creaks and groans from the chassis or suspension. Naturally this could be because our test bike was weeks (rather than months) old, but it’s only when you’ve coasted along in neutral on hundreds of new bikes that you realise how many chassis sounds are masked by internal combustion. 

I’m 5’11 and 14.5 stone and the Piaggio 1 was more than happy to accommodate me, aside from the odd full lock manoeuvre to get around a stationary car in front, which could have me knocking my own knees with the handlebars.

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